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You may be asking yourself, “Why would I ever ignore signs of termite activity?” Some signs of termite activity get ignored because homeowners don’t realize they’re looking at a sign of termite infestation. When you see hundreds of termite swarmers pouring out a hole in your dining room floor, there is little chance you’re going to ignore it. You know what a termite swarmer looks like and, even if you didn’t, there are bugs climbing out of your floor! You’re going to do something about it. But the subtle signs of termite infestation are often missed. Here’s what you need to look for:

How to Tell if You Have Termites in Your Walls

If you have painted walls in your home, especially walls that are made of sheetrock, and you notice that bubbles have started to form, it could be termites. Subterranean termites feed right up to the paint and stop. This causes the paint to bubble or flake. When it flakes off, look to see if the sheetrock paper is missing beneath the paint. This is a clear sign that termites are feeding.

Bubbling paint should never be ignored. If you don’t have termites, you could have some other problem, like water or moisture damage.

What Do Mud Tubes From Termites Look Like?

If you see caked mud running up the foundation of your home, or climbing up an interior wall like veins on an arm, you have termites. There is no natural occurrence that would create caked tubes of mud on the walls of your home. The presence of these tubes should never be ignored. When mud tubes appear, contact a pest control company and have an inspection done.

Why Do Termites Build Mud Tubes?

Subterranean termites build these tunnels to protect themselves from the drying effects of the air. They use these tunnels to travel in and out of your home to acquire food. Most subterranean termite species in the United States don’t establish a nest inside a home. They create their nest near a home and travel in and out of it.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Wood Rot and Termite Damage?

Termite damage on the outside of a home is often mistaken for wood rot. There are two reasons for this. First, this damage often happens in moist, shaded areas. Termites need moisture in order to feed on wood that is exposed to the air. Second, there is probably some wood rot there as well.

Signs of Termite Damage in Wood

While subterranean termites are not limited to feeding on soft, rotting wood, they do prefer it. If you see wood damage on the outside of your home, look closely to see if you can detect channels in the wood or the presence of tiny, pale or yellowish, insects.

How to Tell if You Have Termites in Your Baseboards

When termites feed inside the wood of your baseboards it can cause a honeycombing effect. This is sometimes visible but can also be detected when you run your fingertips along the baseboard. It may also be possible for you to press on the baseboard and create an indent.

What To Do If You See Termite Activity

Subterranean termites are a billion-dollar problem in the United States. When you see activity, call a pest control company that is a certified installer of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Why Sentricon® with Always Active™? We’re glad you asked.

  • Sentricon® with Always Active™ does not require trenching, drilling, or other invasive procedures.
  • Sentricon® with Always Active™ works to resolve your current infestation as well as future infestations with a patented bait that has over 20 years of real-world success.
  • Sentricon® with Always Active™ is eco-friendly. It targets termites and only termites.
  • Sentricon® with Always Active™ takes advantage of the natural behavior of worker termites. When workers find food, they don’t focus on one spot. They continually search for more food. That means they will find the bait inside the Sentricon® with Always Active™ bait stations. When they do, they share it with other termites in their colony, including the queen, eliminating the nest and the threat.

If you live in East Texas, reach out to Innovative Pest Control. We offer industry-leading options for arresting termite infestations and preventing termite damage, including Sentricon® with Always Active™. Request a free inspection to get a clear understanding of what you’re dealing with.

No home should ever be without termite protection. Don’t wait to see activity, get your Texas home protected today with the Sentricon® with Always Active™.

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