The Secret to Keeping Bed Bugs out of Your Home

Bed Bug Infestation

When it comes to pests, the bed bug is one of the most annoying. It could keep you and your family awake at night. Even worse, bed bugs may be able to spread diseases. If you don't want to deal with the trouble that comes with bed bugs, you need to work hard to keep them out. Find out the one secret to keeping bed bugs out of your home. 

Can You Do Anything On Your Own To Keep Bed Bugs Out?

There's only one true way to keep bed bugs out of your home. And, unfortunately, that way isn't a DIY method. As a homeowner, there's only so much you can do to deter bed bugs. Other pests, like cockroaches and flies, thrive in dirty environments. They tend to live in homes that are dirty and cluttered. To prevent those pests in Texas, you can maintain a clean home - but bed bugs don't care how clean your home is. Instead, they only care that you have a warm body in your property. 

Bed bugs typically enter homes by hitchhiking. You might be in a hotel room, sleeping the night away. As you sleep, bed bugs could end up in your jacket or suitcase and then follow you home. If you go shopping at a thrift store, the parasites could catch a ride on your second-hand furniture or clothes. For these reasons, it's difficult to keep bed bugs out. They're very small and difficult to see. If you don't know what to look for, you probably won't know that you're bringing these pests into your home.

DIY Bed Bug Prevention

There are some things you can do to try to keep bed bugs away, but they won't give you guaranteed success. For instance, you could do all of the following:

  • Avoid Placing Luggage On The Ground: If you place your luggage on the ground or next to a wall in your hotel room, bed bugs might crawl on or in it. As a precaution, try to keep your suitcase on a raised surface. 
  • Check Hotel Mattresses For Bed Bugs: Before you lay down for the night, check your hotel sheets and mattress for bed bugs. The bugs are small and brown. If you don't see any bed bugs, you might see signs of them. For example, you could find brown excrement stains, shed skin, or egg casings. 
  • Check Furniture For Signs Of Bugs: There's nothing wrong with used furniture, but it could have bed bugs in it. Before taking your furniture home, examine it closely. Look for bed bugs, excrement stains, or shed skins. If you even have a small suspicion of bed bugs, don't make the purchase. You should know that bed bugs don't only hide in furniture. If you buy used clothes or a used picture frame, bed bugs may be hiding there. Once again, you should check for signs of bed bugs. The last thing you need is to bring home an object with bed bugs.

The Only Effective Method Of Bed Bug Prevention

There's only one method of bed bug prevention, and that's to work with an experienced professional. No matter what you do, there's no way to be certain that bed bugs won't enter your home. The best form of bed bug prevention is to work with an expert. Here at Innovative Pest Control, we know the issues that come with bed bugs. We don't want you and your family to suffer. Our technicians know what it takes to eliminate bed bugs and protect your home. If you're ready to take action, give us a call today.

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