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If you don’t mind having creepy crawly insects invading your home, then you will have no problem having brownbanded cockroaches around. However, if you would rather not be doing the heebie-jeebie dance every time you turn around, this article might be of help to you. Here we are going to discuss the brownbanded cockroach, why they are NOT a good thing to have in your home (besides just being disturbing) and what you can do about them.

Introducing The Brownbanded Cockroach

These roaches are aptly named because of the 2 lighter bands of brown they have across their dark-brown bodies. They measure around 1/2 inch in length, are oval in shape, and have 6 legs and a long set of relatively straight antennae. Male brownbanded roaches can fly with full wings that reach farther than the tip of their pointed abdomens, but females have only underdeveloped wings and are unable to fly. This kind of roach lives approximately 200 days but can multiply quickly.

While most types of roaches that invade homes prefer low, moist locations, brownbanded cockroaches actually prefer drier, and higher locations. They thrive in temperatures that are above 80 degrees, but will often hide their egg cases in or underneath furniture. Inside kitchens and bathrooms, these roaches are typically found in high locations such as inside cabinets, where the temperatures tend to be warmer than places lower down.

The Dangers Of Having Brownbanded Roaches In Your Home

Cockroaches are great at picking up germs/bacteria on the spines of their legs, and on their bodies, as they crawl around through decaying matter both outside and inside your home. After foraging in filthy dumpsters, sewer drains, and any other disease-laden area, they come into homes and walk over countertops, food prep areas, pantries, etc.

Brownbanded cockroaches have been reported to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, 6 kinds of parasitic worms, and at least 7 other kinds of  human pathogens (not something you want lurking in your kitchen cabinets.) Recent medical studies also show that cockroach allergens can trigger allergies as well as exacerbate asthma attacks.

Best Prevention Practices To Keep Roaches Out

The first place to start preventing cockroaches from getting into your home is making changes to your yard and the exterior of your home.

  • Make sure all exterior trash cans are in good condition and have a lid that seals tightly. If your lids do not have a good seal or come off easily, consider investing in some bungee cords to secure them. This not only will help keep smells in, but it will keep cockroaches out–as well as other pests, both small and large.
  • Don’t leave pet food outside.
  • Clean up after barbecues, or any other gathering where food is eaten outside.
  • Pick up dropped fruits or vegetables, if you have fruit trees or gardens.
  • Keep compost well away from your foundation and walls.
  • Dry up any areas of water, as roaches and other pests are drawn to water sources. Fix leaky hoses or spigots. Loosen hardened ground that tends to hold rainwater. And make sure your gutter system is in good working order and not clogged.
  • Remove lawn clutter and any weeds or overgrowth. These areas make great hiding places for pests.
  • Seal up all holes in your exterior walls and foundation.
  • Keep the inside of your home clean of all food particles and water sources.

While these strategies will help keep cockroaches at bay, they are resourceful critters that can still find a way in. And, if one or more roaches have already made their way in when you make these adjustments and seal up entry points, that one roach can potentially multiply and turn into a full infestation.

What To Do If You Know You Have An Infestation

If you are seeing cockroaches inside your home, especially if it is in the daytime, then there are probably hundreds, or even thousands, just out of sight inside your wall voids, underneath your floorboards, and other hidden location. To completely eliminate an infestation of brownbanded cockroaches, it is best to partner with a professional pest control company. Reach out to Innovative Pest Control today for targeted treatments or to establish ongoing pest control service. No one needs disease-laden, disturbing insects inside their home.


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