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Termites have been around since as far back as history can tell, yet even today many myths still exist and are believed about these tiny wood eaters. Do you have any false understandings about termites? Let’s find out right now as we dive into six myths about termites that you may still believe.

Myth #1: Termites Are Part Of The Ant Family

If you have ever seen a termite and an ant side by side you might assume they were related. The simple truth is that they are not. Although termites share many characteristics with ants, they are in fact more closely related to cockroaches than any other insect. This makes sense seeing that both termites and cockroaches are responsible for breaking down organic materials.

Myth #2: Termites Can Eat Through Concrete

Termites are extremely destructive pests, however, their capabilities are often exaggerated. Not only are termites incapable of chewing through concrete, but most species require wood they eat to be soft in order to consume it.

Myth #3: A Brick House On A Concrete Slab Is Safe From Termites

Looks can be deceiving. Even if the exterior of your home is brick and concrete, chances are your interior walls and supports are still made of wood. This means your home could still be at risk of a termite infestation. All that is needed for one to begin is a hole, crack, or gap that allows them a way inside.

Myth #4: You Only Have To Treat For Termites Once

No method for treating termites exists that can keep your home safe forever with just one application. Most termite treatments require maintenance, whether that be refilling of bait stations or replications of termite control measures.

Myth #5: Termite Infestations Are Easy To Detect

You would know if a pest was eating your home, right? Wrong. Termites are highly skilled in staying out of sight and out of mind as they slowly destroy homes. Keep in mind that most of the damage they do is deep within the structural wood of your home which is usually covered by paint, wallpaper, or plaster. Most often termite infestations aren’t discovered until years after they have begun when signs like bubbling paint, overly squeaky floorboards, and other severe structural damage become apparent.

Myth #6: DIY Termite Control Is A Good And Cost-Effective Option

Dealing with termites is a delicate process that requires experience and the proper tools to be successful. The biggest problem homeowners face when dealing with a termite infestation is simply that there is no way to tell if a treatment is working or not. Without expensive equipment needed to scan your walls for termite activity, there is no way for you to know if what you are doing is having any effect at all. Unless you are willing to take the chance that your DIY has done nothing, our recommendation is to leave termite control to the professionals.

Who You Can Trust To Keep Termites Away

At Innovation Pest Control, we have made the big investments, so that you don’t have to go into debt when dealing with termites. Using only top-of-the-line termite control strategies, equipment, and treatments we can set up a line of defense around your property that will not only eliminate current wood-eating threats but with just a little bit of maintenance can also keep your TX home termite-free year-round.
Contact our staff today to request a free inspection for your home, or to talk about how our termite control services work.


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