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Is it a termite? Is it a powderpost beetle? Unfortunately, it’s something far, far worse. Carpenter ants may not necessarily be the most well-known wood-destroying insects, but they still are high-risk pests with a penchant for destruction and significant property damage. These pests can be distinguished from other ants through their waists with a single petiole, a rounded thorax, and a red or black coloration scheme. They are fairly large ants, measuring anywhere from 3/8 to ½ an inch in size. This species contains elbowed antennae with no segmentation, giving them an advantage in sniffing out rotting wood.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants cannot eat through the wood in which they infest. Instead, these creatures bore through wooden objects to make room for their colonies and growing young. Since they do not eat the wood they live in, carpenter ants contaminate food items as well as destroy wooden structures in the homes they infest.

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips For Property Owners 

While carpenter ants are certainly difficult to address upfront, some marginal prevention techniques work on the front lines to keep populations out before they ever become established. Try implementing some of the following prevention steps in your property for optimal carpenter ant prevention. 

  • Carpenter ants often require high levels of humidity in order to survive. In order to combat their approach, run dehumidifiers and desiccant bags in problem spaces. Repair any clogged drains and leaky pipes that could be adding additional moisture to the home. 
  • Keep the lawn well maintained by mowing grass, pruning shrubs, and removing any dead trees from the premises.  
  • Refrain from adding landscape mulching near the sides or foundations of the house. Peat stone, river rock, and gravel are excellent alternatives. 
  • All firewood should be neatly stacked and stored away from the home. A distance of 25 feet is often recommended for older firewood stacks. 

Despite your best efforts, carpenter ants may still find a way to get inside. If you are concerned that carpenter ants are colonizing your household wood, schedule a free household estimate through Innovative Pest Control now.

Crack Down On Carpenter Ants With The Pros At Innovative Pest Control

Carpenter ants may not be as dangerous as termites, but their presence on your property will be felt in all corners of the home. Wood-boring and food contamination will immediately become a problem, as well as the weakening of walls, floors, and ceiling joints. It won’t matter how many or how few of these insects have entered your home: once carpenter ants make their way inside, they won’t be planning on leaving anytime soon.

If you do spot carpenter ants scurrying about in your home, it will be time to take matters into your own hands. Instead of DIY prevention techniques, you will need to get in touch with a professional team at the first sign of ant activity. Contact the helpful team at Innovative Pest Control right away if you are concerned about carpenter arts invading your property. Coming in clutch with carpenter ants since 1922, Innovative Pest Control has generations of experience dealing with your household infestations. Big or small, Innovative Pest Control will deal with them all! 

Speak to a trusted representative about your options when you call the folks at Innovative Pest Control right away. Our unique list of residential pest control plans will help keep your home safe and carpenter ant-free for as long as our agents continue to visit. Call, click, or visit with us now to have your questions answered and get the ball rolling on protection right away. Remember: protection is only an innovation away!


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