Cracking Down On Termites

subterranean termite

They're tiny, pale, six-legged insects that live in the ground and inside tunnels they create in the wood of a home, but you're not likely to ever see them unless you're doing some renovations. They're called subterranean termite workers, and they can come to feed on your home by the tens or hundreds of thousands – but you don't have to let them. Let's take a look at a few warning signs you can look for and what is required to fully protect your equity from these homewreckers.

Shelter Tubes

The reason you're not likely to ever see worker termites is because they have a strong aversion to dry conditions and exposure to light. This leads them to create shelter tubes up the side of foundation walls and foundation piers. These shelter tubes are often called mud tubes because they're made from moisture and soil. If subterranean termite workers create these tubes on your home, they are likely to be in dark locations such as under your deck or patio, inside a crawl space or under your stairs.


While termites are still active in East Texas, they are entirely hidden from view. But next spring, you may see swarmers appear. They are tiny, black termites with long white wings that stack on top of each other and are rounded at the tips. When they appear, it is important to recognize them for what they are. Swarmers are seldom a sign of an impending infestation. Most of the time they are a sign of a current and mature infestation on the property. So swarmers really aren't a great warning sign. By the time you see them, termites have already had a chance to feed on your home.

Termite Control

  • There are a few ways you can reduce the likelihood that termites will attack your home.

  • You can remove stumps, logs, and brush piles from your yard.

  • You can remove old fences, sheds, stairs and other structures that provide an enticing meal for termites.

  • You can alter conditions that create moist soil near your home.

  • You can do detailed checks for shelter tubes.

The best solution for termite monitoring and control is to have the Certified Sentricon Installers at Innovative Pest Control protect your property from damage by installing the Sentricon System with Always Active. This eco-friendly termite control system works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to actively eliminate termite colonies even as workers come to feed on your home. Reach out to us. We're here to answer your questions and guide you in establishing this important protection for your home investment. You don't have to let termites eat you out of house and home.

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