Signs East Texas Homeowners Need To Know About This Spring

Termites in the Spring

When your home is being invaded, the majority of the time you don’t have to wonder since most pests make themselves obvious. You can see ants crawling across your floor and you can hear mice pitter-pattering through your wall voids. With termites, finding an infestation often comes as a shock. Termites quietly invade and destroy homes. They don’t announce their presence with noise and aren't running around beneath your feet. Termites are active in places you aren’t looking, and they destroy your home while you remain unaware. However, this does not mean that they do not leave signs behind. It simply means that you need to know where to look, and what you're looking for.

Where To Look For Termites

When termites invade homes, they do not enter through our front doors. They usually find their way in through our wood. Subterranean termites, in particular, search out places where wood is soft due to water damage or rot.

To become aware of where termites may be finding access to your home, look for the following:

  • First and foremost, check around the exterior of your home for soft wood. If you find any soft wood, then check around it for small mud tubes. If termites cannot go directly from the soil they are infesting to your home's wood, they will build mud tubes that act as bridges, allowing them to travel from one moist area to another moist area without drying out.

  • Another sign that you have a fully mature colony nearby is the presence of termite swarmers. If you are finding winged termites around your home, chances are a colony is not far away.

  • Termites are typically only discovered as their colony grows larger and, by then, the damage is often irreversible. If you are seeing bubbling in your wallpaper, or your floors and walls are beginning to warp and squeak, your termite problem could be larger than you think.

Why It’s Crucial To Invest In Termite Protection

Leaving your home's well-being up to chance is a scary way to live. With termites as silent and deadly as they are, remaining unprotected is just not worth the risk. With Innovative Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected from termites year-round. Don’t let the number one destructive pests in America have freedom in your home. Draw the line, and call upon Innovative to find a termite control solution for you!

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