Are You Accidentally Inviting Bed Bugs Into Your Home?

Bed bug

You didn’t invite them, but they showed up anyway! Which unwanted guests are we talking about? Bed bugs. These nuisance visitors can arrive uninvited in a variety of ways. Being able to identify a bed bug and learning preventative steps is imperative to keeping bed bugs out of your Texas home.

Homeowners can make several mistakes that can cause problems with bed bugs, including:

  • Assuming they are only attracted to dirty homes.

  • Not checking belongings after returning home.

  • Placing belongings on the floor or other furniture in public places.

  • Thinking you can only get bed bugs from hotels and motels.

  • Trying DIY methods to get rid of them.

Where Bed Bugs Are Found & How They Travel

Bed bugs are unlike other pests, in that they do not discriminate. Dirty home or clean home, they don’t care as long as there is a blood meal available. Most of the time, they don’t even know where they are going. They simply and conveniently hitchhike from wherever they find themselves and end up wherever you take them. They travel in bedding, bags, books, purses, coats, packages, suitcases or just about anything.

Despite their name, bed bugs are not confined to beds. They can be found living in the following spaces:

  • Upholstered furniture

  • Carpets

  • Behind outlets

  • Inside books

  • In electronics

Therefore, it is imperative to take steps when you are using public transportation, dining at restaurants, visiting hospitals, checking out books from the library, or really any time you leave your home, to check for signs of bed bugs.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have five stages of life from egg to adult. The eggs are very small and are often found in clusters. You aren’t likely to be infested by the eggs by picking those up in public, but once the eggs hatch and the bed bugs can crawl, they can get into your belongings and be brought home. At the earliest stage, they are only about 1mm in length and have a whitish-clear appearance. As they mature, they begin to resemble a brown apple seed with legs. When engorged on blood they take on a much more rounded appearance.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you suspect that any bug you see in your home is a bed bug, it is necessary to call a professional. While you can take steps to prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem in your home, infestations cannot be controlled with DIY methods. At Innovative Pest Control, we will utilize a three-step process for getting rid of bed bugs. If bed bugs have invaded your home, give our bed bug professionals a call today to discuss your options.

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