Back-To-School Bed Bug Prevention For Texas Students And Parents

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Every year millions of students across America gain an education attending schools across the nation. Here in Texas, we are preparing to send our kids back for another year of math, science, and a variety of other important classes, where they will gain valuable knowledge about how the world works. Unfortunately, no school offers courses about bed bugs. If they did, maybe our kids would be less likely to bring home an infestation.

Why Bed Bug Infestations Can Occur As School Comes Back Into Session

Now, to understand how bed bugs spread in schools, you must first understand how bed bugs spread in general. Because they do not have wings, or the capability to run fast or jump high, they do not get into homes as other pests do. Instead, they require our assistance to invade. They get our help, against our will, by climbing onto items that are likely to move—such as briefcases, furniture, or in your child's backpack. Studies have shown that if an area or item is infested with bed bugs, it only takes 20 minutes for another standing item to become infested. That means if your student places their bag on the ground or in their locker/cubby close to another students bag that has bed bugs hiding on it, your child runs the risk of bringing home bed bugs with them.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs and Help Your Kids Avoid Them

Now that we have established how bed bugs can use your kids, and other items, to invade your house let’s now talk about some practical ways you can stop them from doing so.

  • First, you should do a little research on what bed bugs look like and the signs they leave behind, then pass this information along to your kids. This will help both of you understand what to look for when searching for bed bugs.
  • Second, check items before bringing them home. Teach your kids to give their backpack a once over before they bring it inside.
  • Lastly, stay vigilant. If you travel, check hotel rooms for bed bugs before settling in. And, if you are buying a piece of furniture, make sure it is free of bed bugs before hauling it home.

Why Call Innovative Immediately For Bed Bug Infestations

Because of the way that bed bugs invade homes, prevention is never 100%. If bed bugs still find their way into your home, despite your best efforts to keep them away, give Innovative Pest Control a call. We will send one of our highly trained pest technicians your way ASAP with a solution to your bed bug problem.

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