Are Carpenter Ants Still A Threat To East Texas Homes?

Carpenter Ants Crawling

There are seasons for everything: seasons for pumpkin pie, seasons for mistletoe, seasons for putting up decorations, and seasons for taking them down. Did you know that pests have seasons too? In most areas of the world, pests such as carpenter ants slow down in the fall and winter, and sometimes even stop altogether due to the unlivable freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures which don't really exist in our area of Texas. This means that all of the seasons are seasons for carpenter ants.

Threats Carpenter Ants Present In Your Home

The damage caused by carpenter ants is often overshadowed by the termite, who rank number one in their ability to destroy wood. Now, try not to let this distract you. Carpenter ants still pose a major threat to your home. Have you ever owned or seen an ant farm? Imagine for a second the paths and alleyways the ants dig in the sand, now imagine those same paths and alleyways, but instead of being dug through sand, they are dug in and throughout the wood of your home (for carpenter ants, the wet and decaying wood of your home, since it is extremely rare to find a carpenter ant infestation in dry wood). Most commonly, carpenter ants will be found nesting in hollow doors, windows, foam panels, and in structural lumber such as the ones found in wall voids.

Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation

The most common sign of a carpenter ant infestation is seeing worker ants crawling across and into the wood of your home. However, if you see carpenter ants scavenging for food, this is not conclusive evidence that you have a colony of ants living nearby, as carpenter ants are known to scavenge far beyond the safety of their nests. If you have a more severe infestation, you will begin to notice piles of fine sawdust, most commonly around wooden structures and items in your home.

An All-Season Pest Needs An All-Season Solution

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