Benefits Of Our Outdoor Living Service


You work hard to create a beautiful yard – lush lawn, flowering plants, a sunny deck, and maybe even a pool. The warm weather finally comes, and you are ready to relax and enjoy your outdoor living space. You settle down in your favorite chair on the patio with a cold drink and then you feel a sting to your foot, a bite to your arm and hear the irritating buzzing sound of mosquitoes in your ear. It’s all so annoying that you turn around and go back inside. Don’t let annoying summertime pests like fire ants and mosquitoes ruin the enjoyment of your backyard. Innovative Pest Control has a special outdoor living service that can help rid you of these pests and let you get back to enjoying your yard with your family and friends. 

How Our Outdoor Living Pest Program Works

Whether you have an existing pest control service plan and want to add the protection of our outdoor living program, or you just want the outdoor living service as a stand-alone product, Innovative Pest Control is happy to help.

With the outdoor living pest service, your property will be treated for both fire ants and mosquitoes. Twice a year, once in April and once in September, your technician will inspect around your home and treat for fire ants. The service is long-lasting and highly effective, but should you see fire ant activity including ant hills between service visits, we will come back and treat again.

Mosquito treatment happens monthly with the outdoor living program during the busiest times for mosquito activity, April through September. Treatment is focused on areas where mosquitoes like to breed, such as in your shrubbery and landscaping, around pools and ponds, and around decks and patio areas.

Benefits Of Our Outdoor Living Service

Clearly not getting bit by fire ants and mosquitoes and dealing with itchy red welts and painful bites is the most immediate benefit to having an outdoor living pest control plan. But we also know that mosquitoes can transmit disease, so if we can reduce the risk of getting bitten, we also reduce the risk of picking up a mosquito-borne illness. Some people can have allergic reactions to the bites of fire ants and/or mosquitoes, so avoiding them altogether is key.

Innovative Pest Control knows that you want to protect your family from annoying insects and want to be able to use your yard worry free. Give us a call to get started protecting your Texas home with a home pest control plan, so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

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