Tourism Sparking Summer Bed Bug Problems

Luggage in a hotel room

The warmer months will cause an increase of tourism in Texas and with that increase comes a higher risk of spreading bed bugs across our state. To avoid bed bugs this busy travel season, you will want to be aware of the dangers they bring, as well as some early prevention tips to stop them from getting into your own home and some effective steps to take if you have already found an active infestation within your home.

Dangers Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of people and animals. There are varying reactions to bed bug bites, from a simple red dot to multiple raised, red, itchy bumps. For some people, these bites can disrupt their sleep or cause an allergic reaction. Bed bugs are mostly considered a nuisance pest; they are very unpleasant to have crawling all over you at night, as well as very difficult to get rid of once you have an infestation.

Early Bed Bug Prevention

To keep bed bugs out of your own home, you will need to be alert to bed bug infestations in other places. When you travel, inspect your room, including drawers, couches, furnishings, and bedding. Do not leave anything, including your luggage, on the floor of your room. Be aware that you can pick up bed bugs in many public places, including public transportation, libraries, theaters, museums, and hotels. When you return home, inspect your luggage, clothing, shoes, and coats before entering your home. Once inside, immediately wash all clothing with hot water and vacuum out luggage. Avoid used furniture, and wash second-hand clothing and bedding as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to wash bedding on a regular basis, as well as perform an inspection in and around beds, furniture, wall hangings, and switch plates as well for signs of bed bugs like dead carcasses, shed skins, and tiny dark red dots of blood and feces.

Dealing With A Current Bed  Bug Infestation

If you are a homeowner in East Texas, you can get the help you need from the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. Our 3-step bed bug control process method is guaranteed to identify problem areas and get rid of all bed bugs for good. This process starts with a thorough inspection; followed by the implementation of a plan of control, and the elimination of the bed bugs from your home. To find out more about our effective methods of bed bug control and prevention, call Innovative Pest Control today!

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