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Mild winters in Texas allow fleas to remain active for much of the year. It’s important to stay on top of flea and tick prevention year-round because of this. Consulting with your vet and your local pest control company can help keep your family and your pets protected from these annoying pests.

Mild Texas Winters Mean Fleas Year-Round

Because East Texas remains above freezing almost all year-round, fleas will continue to plague your pets and infest your home. While fleas prefer temperatures around 70 degrees, they can survive and will continue to be active until temperatures drop below 40 degrees for an extended period. While low temperatures in January can plunge to an average of 40 degrees, daytime temperatures are usually warmer. Those cold temps don’t usually last long. For these reasons, fleas will survive!

Fleas can also hitch a ride on a warm animal. The body heat from these pets and wildlife will keep the fleas warm if the temperatures do drop. Obviously, fleas inside a heated home will continue to thrive no matter what the weather outside looks like.

Fleas Can Pose Many Problems

While initially, it may seem that fleas are a pest that we don’t need to worry about all that much, they can pose problems. When fleas infest our pets, they can cause mild itching, hair loss from the scratching, and can transmit parasites like tapeworms. If our pets bring fleas into our house, we can be dealing with constant bites on our pets and even itchy bites on ourselves. Removal can be challenging, and not removing them completely can cause reinfestation to our pets.

If you don’t have pets and find yourself with a flea problem, this can be an indication that you have a bigger pest problem. Rodents such as mice and rats can carry fleas into your house as can bats and other wildlife. If you see fleas, you should check for other pests that can cause additional problems for you and your home.

Professional Help for Fleas

As we’ve identified, fleas can be a year-round problem, which means it’s never too late to call in the help of pest control experts. Fleas are extremely difficult to eradicate and require chemical treatments, from flea and tick collars and medications for your pets to treatment of your home. In East Texas, Innovative Pest Control professionals are trained to deal with the entire life cycle of fleas. The laborious process requires at least two visits about two weeks apart. We will walk you through the steps of our indoor and outdoor flea treatments and work with you to get your flea problem under control.


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