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Do you own or manage a restaurant? If you do, you probably wear many hats during the week. Sometimes it is your job to oversee the preparation of the food. Sometimes you are crunching numbers and ordering supplies. Sometimes you’re sweeping or cleaning up. There are lots of hats to wear. For a moment, consider putting on a different hat. Put on your customer hat. Imagine that you finally have a day off and you’re going out with your spouse to enjoy a night of dining. What might that look like?

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, it is likely that you will take advantage of the internet to make your selection. And, whether you use your smartphone or your computer, you’re going to access some form of social media. It might be TripAdvisor, Yelp!, or some other dedicated resource. Or you may just use Google to get the job done. No matter what you use, you’re going to make your final decision based on the data you find. And that data is generated by other customers.

Let’s imagine you’ve decided to find a place that sells the best barbecue ribs. What are you going to do? You’ll probably type BBQ ribs into the search. Several restaurant options will come up and you’ll see star ratings, contact information, and possibly a quote from one of the reviewers. This might be all you need to make your decision. You find the restaurant with the highest review and the biggest promise of succulent ribs and you’re out the door. But, nowadays it is easy to drill into the information and get a little more data to make a better decision. This is where cockroaches make their appearance. How many cockroach reviews would it take you to decide to pass over a dining option?

We live in a high tech world. And never in the history of the planet has it been easier for cockroaches to negatively affect a restaurant. Reviews are how most people will learn about your business. And, most people don’t consider how long ago a review was written. They don’t take the time to consider whether or not a restaurant has dealt with their cockroach issue and is now 100% cockroach-free. The internet is like an elephant–it never forgets. And, the last thing you need is a single cockroach incident plaguing your business for years.

While this isn’t a perfect example, and there are many factors involved, you get the picture. Cockroaches have a far-reaching influence on customers in this high tech world.

Roaches Affect Employees

When cockroaches become a problem, it isn’t just going to affect your reputation with customers, they also hurt your reputation with your employees. Continual sightings of cockroaches can affect employee morale. And unhappy employees can affect your bottom line in many ways.

When cockroaches get into a restaurant, they don’t just taint the food your customers will eat, they can make your employees sick. And this can lead to an increase in employee absenteeism. Cockroaches are linked to 33 kinds of bacteria, over 7 human pathogens, and 6 parasitic worms. They also contribute to increased allergies.

Roaches Create Misery

We don’t have to tell you what a nightmare it is when a governmental inspector finds cockroaches or evidence of cockroaches in your business, but what you may not know is that an inspection can come as the result of a bad review that contains information about cockroaches.

The Solution To Commercial Cockroach Problems

Every business should be protected with commercial pest control services. If you have not made this investment in your business, or your current solution isn’t keeping cockroaches out, reach out to Innovative Pest Control. We offer modern Integrated Pest Management solutions for a wide range of businesses. If you have questions; we can give you the answers. We’ll walk you through all the details and help you pick a solution that is right for you and your business.

No business is better with cockroaches. Get cockroach-free, guaranteed, with Innovative Pest Control.

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