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Brown dog ticks do not usually attach themselves to humans, but they can embed into your dog and make them sick. You need to be aware of the dangers that brown dog ticks can cause. They are parasites that feed mostly on the blood of canines. While they are feeding, they can transmit disease into the bloodstream of their host. Brown dog ticks can contain pathogens in its saliva that may cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever, canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesia. Some symptoms your pet may experience if infected range from lack of energy and appetite, weakness, fever, and pale gums and tongue, to orange or red-colored urine, discolored stool, weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes, and an enlarged spleen. Sometimes the canine tick-borne illnesses can lead to severe infections that can damage multiple organs.

What To Do When You Find A Tick On Your Pet

If you find a tick embedded in your pet, you should get the area looked at by a veterinarian.Brown dog ticks can be identified as flat and red-brown ticks that are often confused with deer ticks. While feeding, the adult female brown dog tick body will swell and become bluish-gray. The ticks will embed themselves into your dog’s coat, between his toes, and behind his ears. These ticks can go undetected for long periods of time, they can survive solely indoors, and they can live off one host for its entire life. Within the time the tick is attached, it can transmit disease that can make your pet very sick. The adult female can also lay thousands of eggs throughout your home, which can create an even more serious cyclic problem.

Eradicate Ticks From Your Home With Our Professional Services

If you live in East Texas, the best way to take control of brown dog ticks in and around your home is to call Innovative Pest Control. We have effective solutions that target ticks before they come into your home. To reduce your dog’s risk of experiencing the effects of brown dog ticks, follow these safety tips:

  •  Use a vet approved flea and tick prevention
  • Inspect your pet daily for ticks
  • Clean kennels and bedding regularly
  • Vacuum areas that are frequented by your dog
  • Outdoors, keep bushes, grasses, and vegetation low
  • Contact a professional pest control service for effective preventative applications

Innovative Pest Control can help you control the tick population in your yard. We have a flea and tick control program that can help you keep your pet free from dangerous tick infestations. For more information about our effective, environmentally sound treatments for ticks, simply give us a call today.


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