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Termite Prevention Tips

August 8, 2017

When it comes to protecting your home equity, it can be a complicated matter. The sun dries your siding, the wind tears away at it, the cold weather causes gaps to form, and when gaps form, the water tries to get in and cause the wood to rot. But nature isn't the only threat to your investment. Wood-destroying pests, like the termite, look for ways to establish themselves inside, or next to, yo... Read More

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wolf spider in web

Everything You Need To Know About Wolf Spiders

July 31, 2017

We all know the feeling of glancing across the room and being surprised by a creepy, dark, eight-legged house guest lurking in a corner. There isn’t a household in the country that hasn’t had the occasional spider to deal with. Unfortunately, some of those spiders are more than just a cringe worthy blob on the ceiling. Some of them can be a danger to have in the house and are not to... Read More

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embedded brown dog tick

Problems Brown Dog Ticks Can Cause

July 20, 2017

Brown dog ticks do not usually attach themselves to humans, but they can embed into your dog and make them sick. You need to be aware of the dangers that brown dog ticks can cause. They are parasites that feed mostly on the blood of canines. While they are feeding, they can transmit disease into the bloodstream of their host. Brown dog ticks can contain pathogens in its saliva that may cause Ro... Read More

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scorpion in texas home

What do Scorpions Eat?

July 12, 2017

In much of the United States if you mention the name scorpion, the only image that comes to mind is usually a creepy extra in a mummy movie scuttling across the sands of Egypt. However, live anywhere in Texas and the scorpion is as real life as it gets. If you haven’t had the opportunity to come face to face with one of these creatures, we can assure you that the experience is not one you... Read More

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