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How Does Flea & Tick Control Work?

May 16, 2018

When you think of flea and tick control together you might think of your pets. It’s natural for us to take measures to prevent our furry companions from getting ticks or fleas. However, it’s important for humans to protect themselves from both fleas and ticks as well. Both pests can cause discomfort from their bites but worse still, they can spread illness. Taking preventative measu... Read More

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american cockroach on wall

American Cockroach Prevention Tips

May 4, 2018

American cockroaches have the reputation of being a dirty pest, and with good reason. One, they thrive in environments where there is a lot of food to eat like fallen crumbs, uncovered food, exposed pet food and more. Two, they scurry through trash and animal feces and carry whatever they pick up there on their bodies. Both situations do not evoke visions of cleanliness, thus this reputation is... Read More

Tags: american cockroach facts | american cockroach control and prevention | dangers caused by american cockroaches |

black widow spider

How to Avoid Black Widow Spiders

April 27, 2018

When it comes to black widow spiders you can usually put people into two different categories. The first category is those people who are deathly afraid of black widow spiders and every other spider out there; the second category of people being those who question whether or not black widow spiders are really as dangerous as everyone says. The professionals at Innovative Pest Control are here t... Read More

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