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Effective Rodent Control Services To Protect Tyler & Longview, TX Properties

Commensal rodents constitute a majority of the rodent problems in both residential and commercial properties in Tyler and Longview, TX. Commensal rodents include the Norway rat, the roof rat, and the notorious house mouse. The word “commensal” means these rodents live off man and return nothing of worth. The only possible category where they could be considered beneficial would be as garbage removal, and that is stretching it even for devoted animal activists.

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Rodent Infestations Are A Serious Threat To People And Property

At Innovative Pest Control, we are keenly aware of the damages these rodents inflict to homes and businesses, and the health and safety risks they introduce to properties. Unfortunately, rodent problems in our region are not decreasing. In fact, we have seen a steady increase in rodent calls in both types of environments. And they’re a problem all year-round.

  • Spread disease and illness

  • Damage structures, wiring, and machinery as well as inventory and stored goods

  • Damage reputation

  • Result in failed inspections

  • Lead to possible financial loss

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Commercial Rodent Management

Don’t let rodents scare away your customer, our team of commercial pest control experts can help. We use a proven three treatment approach to rodent control that enforces a strict line of defense. 

  • Strategic bait placements
  • Sanitation checks
  • Monitoring 

The Initial Treatment AKA Complete Clean Rodent Clean-Out

Our initial treatment is designed to bring the number of rodents in your facility down to zero and includes:

  • A team of trained, professional technicians to execute a planned Pest Control Program (PCP).

  • The utilization of products and materials regulated by the EPA and recommended by Texas A&M.

  • The implementation of Innovative’s three treatment techniques.

Ongoing Service To Maintain Control

After the initial treatment phase is completed, our team will focus on the ongoing service to keep mice and rats out of your facility. We accomplish this by:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the service
  • Establishing a regular service schedule tailored to fit the needs of you, the customer
  • Utilizing our three treatment techniques developed as a result of 20+ years in the pest control business
  • Working with management and staff to instruct on how to monitor incoming goods and the pests which accompany them
  • Emphasizing exterior control to stop rodents before they infest the inside of the facility

When you partner with Innovative for commercial rodent control, our technicians will also map out where bait stations have been set up (inside and out) and we’ll provide you with accurate documentation.

Rodent Control Services For Tyler & Longview, Texas Homes

If rodents are infesting your home, don’t make the mistake of trying to tackle mice and rats on your own! Innovative Pest Control and our team of trained and licensed technicians are only a call or click away. We’ll inspect your home for evidence of infestation, identify how and where these pests are getting in and then develop a rodent control plan customized for your home.

In most cases, we eliminate rodent activity by baiting as it is the most effective and eliminates multiple mice at once. We will also implement other methods like trapping if it suits the preferences of the homeowner. Residential rodent control is available as a one-time service but for the most effective results, we recommend ongoing, monthly rodent control that includes a warranty - as long as the service agreement is valid, we’ll come out if rodents are active. Another option for rodent control is the implementation of an Advantage home pest control program that targets rodents AND other common house-infesting pests.

Should you choose an Advantage program, you’ll receive ongoing pest and rodent control services at one affordable price. The only additional cost would be for bait stations in exposed areas as Texas law requires it of pest control providers.

Innovative Pest Control - The Solution For Rodents

At Innovative Pest Control, we’ve helped property owners control a couple of mice and we’ve also exterminated severe rodent infestations. There’s not a mouse or rat infestation we’ve not been able to resolve. If you’re looking for effective rodent control in Tyler and Longview, TX implemented by a team of dedicated professionals, contact us today!

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