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Eliminate Fleas & Ticks From Your Tyler & Longview, TX Property

Did you know that you don’t have to be a pet owner to have fleas and ticks? Many people believe you must have a furry family member in order to be infested by these biting pests, but this is not the case. Fleas and ticks can easily “hitch a ride” on people, their pets, or their belongings to gain entry into your house.

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These pests can also be carried in on mice and other rodents that have found a way into your home. Because fleas and ticks have the potential to transmit diseases, professional flea and tick control is recommended. At Innovative Pest Control, we offer effective flea and tick control in Tyler, Longview, and other communities in East Texas.

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Indoor & Outdoor Flea Control

Flea bites are annoying, but they can also cause illness. Let Innovative put a stop to these biting insects with effective flea control that focuses on both indoor and outdoor treatments.

A licensed and certified pest control technician from Innovative will inspect then treat your home and yard during our initial service visit. In order to break the lifecycle of the fleas, we’ll send a technician back to your home to re-treat two weeks after the initial visit. 

Our treatment plan incorporates the use of products that target both flea eggs and adult fleas. This eliminates fleas at all stages of development, ensuring that the problem doesn’t recur in a few weeks’ time.

Your Role In Flea Control

For our flea control treatments to produce optimal results, your cooperation is necessary. For optimal results in eliminating your flea problem, follow the steps below before and after treatments. 

Prior To Treatment: 

  • Clear clutter and debris from infested areas of your home and yard.

  • Mow your lawn. This is essential in allowing the treatment to be effective.

  • Remove wheelbarrows, plant pots, and other items from your lawn.

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Following Treatment: 

  • Vacuum your house daily for at least five days following treatment to remove any remaining flea eggs. Vacuuming has been shown to reduce flea populations by up to 30%. Fleas respond to vibrations, so vacuuming will help stimulate them into moving into the treated areas.

  • Buy a large flea collar, cut it into three sections, and put one section in your vacuum bag, that way you don’t have to empty it every time you vacuum.

  • When vacuuming, pay close attention to all the areas where your pets hang out including favorite chairs, beds, nap spots, etc.


  • Treating your pets is a must if you don’t want them to continuously carry fleas inside. Talk to your vet about a flea treatment program for your pets. 

Tyler & Longview, TX Tick Control Solutions

Ticks have become big news in recent years, due mostly to the alarming increase in the number of diagnosed cases of Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that can cause a host of problems for those infected, ranging from flu-like symptoms to long-term neurological problems. According to Texas A&M University, the blacklegged tick, also known as the deer tick, is thought to be the principal vector of Lyme disease in Texas. 

Other ticks that infest yards and homes in our area include the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, and the Lone Star tick. Although these ticks don’t transmit Lyme disease, they are carriers of other dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.

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If you’ve discovered ticks on your property, let Innovative Pest Control treat your yard. Our pest control technicians will focus our professional tick treatments outside around tree trunks, wooded areas, and other spots where ticks are likely to congregate.  

Your Role In Tick Control

Because wild animals are often the hosts that bring ticks onto a property, there is no way to completely eliminate ticks. We recommend making your property less attractive to wildlife and removing potential harborage areas for ticks to reduce the risks of tick infestations. This includes: 

  • Trimming overgrown areas

  • Mowing your lawn regularly

  • Keeping outdoor garbage bins tightly closed

  • Removing leaf litter and debris from your lawn

  • Eliminating excess moisture on your property

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Don’t Let Fleas & Ticks Take Over Your Property!

Enjoy your yard without having to worry about the health and safety of your family and pets. Request service today and Innovative Pest Control will help you reduce the populations of fleas and ticks around your home. Serving Tyler, Longview, Mineola, and the surrounding areas of Texas, our locally-owned and family-operated pest control company is ready to help you bite back against fleas and ticks!

Additional Home Pest Services

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