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Guaranteed Fire Ant Elimination 

Fire ants not only affect your outdoor enjoyment, but these biting insects are also responsible for countless emergency room visits every year.  Because of the risks involved, controlling these voracious ants takes special care and professional expertise.  If you need help eliminating fire ants from your yard or property in Jacksonville, Mineola, Tyler, Flint, Lindale, or East Texas, you can trust Innovative Pest Control to provide guaranteed fire ant elimination!


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At Innovative Pest Control, we’ve developed an outdoor fire ant control program that focuses on two outdoor applications of product per year.  Due to the biology of fire ants and the nature of the product, timing is very important in the application of the bait. The treatments can be done anytime of year but the optimum time for treatment is around April and again in September.
We have found that one treatment in the spring and another in the fall combats fire ants very effectively and provides homeowners with yards that are free of these pests all year long!

First Fire Ant Treatment

Typically, our first fire ant treatment occurs in April.  One of our licensed and highly trained pest control technicians will inspect your yard and ornamental to pinpoint any fire ant issues on your property and treat those areas with products that are proven effective against these pests.  

Second Fire Ant Treatment

The next treatment occurs in September.  One of our technicians will come back out and perform another inspection and treat your property to help you achieve long-lasting fire ant protection.

Our Fire Ant Control Guarantee

Our outdoor fire ant control program is guaranteed as long as service is completed in the time frame we’ve communicated.  If you’re still seeing fire ants or if fire ant mounds have reappeared a few weeks after application of product, all you have to do is call and we’ll come back out, free of charge! For professional fire ant control to eliminate fire ants in Tyler and East TX, contact the trusted Texas pest control experts today to schedule an appointment!

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