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Guaranteed Fire Ant Elimination

Ants have developed a reputation as picnic invaders. If you’ve ever left a piece of fruit outside on a summer’s day, it probably didn’t take long before it was covered in tiny black ants. While some ants are simply a nuisance during outdoor events, others are far more dangerous.

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Fire ants are ants that are best kept at a distance. Not only do they affect outdoor enjoyment, but these stinging insects are responsible for a multitude of emergency room visits every year. Because of the risks involved, controlling these voracious ants takes special care and expertise. If you need help eliminating fire ants from your yard or commercial property, trust Innovative Pest Control to provide guaranteed elimination!

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How We Conquer Outdoor Fire Ant Problems

At Innovative Pest Control, we’ve developed an outdoor fire ant control program that provides two outdoor applications of product per year. Due to the biology of fire ants and the nature of the product, timing is important in the application of the bait. 

Although treatments can be done at any time of year, there is an optimal window in which the treatments are most effective. Since our fire ant control program focuses on baiting the ants, it works best when they’re foraging. The prime time for fire ants to forage is when the temperature is above 65 degrees. When it is too hot or too cold, they tunnel further underground. This makes the optimal treatment times during the spring and fall. 

We have found that one fire ant treatment in April and another in September combats fire ants effectively, providing home and business owners properties that are free of these pests all year long! Our fire ant control program is a stand-alone service. However, if you already have an ongoing pest control plan with IPC, you can add fire ant control for $15/month.

  • First Fire Ant Treatment

    Ideally, your first fire ant treatment will occur in April. One of our licensed and trained pest control technicians will inspect your property and ornamentals to pinpoint fire ant issues. They will then treat those areas with products that are proven effective against these pests.

  • Second Fire Ant Treatment

    The next treatment will occur in September. A technician will return to perform another inspection and treat your property again.

Fire Ant Control For Commercial Facilities

When it comes to fire ant stings, children are among the most at risk. They are more likely to disturb a mound, and an abundance of stings on their small bodies can be terribly painful. With this in mind, many of the commercial properties we treat are places where children congregate. We provide commercial fire ant control for schools, daycares, soccer and baseball fields, and city properties. For effective fire ant control, contact us today! 

Our Fire Ant Control Guarantee

Our outdoor fire ant control program is guaranteed for six months from the time of service, as long as the service is completed in the time frame we’ve communicated. If you’re still seeing fire ants, or if fire ant mounds have reappeared a few weeks after the application of the product, contact us and we will re-treat your property, free of charge!

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