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Bed bugs are small. Really small. While not invisible to the eye, you might miss one if it is clinging to your skin and drawing blood out. A newly hatched bed bug is only 1mm in length and has a skin that it mostly transparent. This transparent skin helps it to blend in with your skin but works against the insect when it fills with bright red blood. If you find a tiny six-legged insect with a bright red abdomen on your skin, it is probably a bed bug.

This might seem confusing if you’ve seen bed bug images on the news or on the internet. Bed bugs are reddish-brown insects that are oval in shape and have distinct creases on their abdomens. But those reddish-brown insects are adult bed bugs. Baby bed bugs are clear colored with a yellowish tint. This yellowish tint turns to tan and eventually to brownish red. What’s more, you are not likely to be bitten by an adult bed bug during the day or while you’re awake. Adult bugs usually come out when CO2 levels in the room rise. They know instinctively that higher CO2 levels are an indication that there is a sleeping, warm-blooded mammal nearby.

If you find a tiny bed bug on your skin and you are not at home, there are a few things you should know. Do a quick inspection of all your items. Bed bugs hide in the creases of clothing and in the seams of bags and pocketbooks. They also lay eggs in these places. Checking these items for eggs and insects will give you an indication of how badly you’ve been exposed. When you get home, put any items that can be put through a dryer cycle in your dryer on the hottest temperature. 30 minutes of sustained high temperatures will kill bed bugs in all stages of development.

What To Do When Bed Bugs Get In

If bed bugs manage to infest your home, you should know that they are extremely difficult to get rid of. These insects are resilient and resourceful. Bed bugs have been living with humans since the dawn of recorded history. They’re good at avoiding extermination. For this reason, most DIY bed bugs treatments lead to ongoing suffering and frustration. In some cases, desperate people take desperate measures. This has led to a catastrophic loss of property and a loss of human life. It is unwise to attempt to treat bed bugs on your own. Contact a licensed pest professional for appropriate treatment of these insects.

Why do professional bed bug treatments work? A trained professional uses systematic methods and field-tested products to control bed bugs. The process includes detailed inspections, the application of treatments over a period of four to eight weeks and monitoring of bed bug activity to track the success of the treatments. When done correctly and when proper monitoring is in place, bed bugs infestations can be completely eliminated.

Are you in a rental situation? If so, you should know that Texas law is clear about bed bugs: They are considered to be a public nuisance and steps must be taken to eliminate them. Your landlord is obligated by law to take care of a bed bug infestation in a timely fashion. Let your landlord know that you have an infestation and have them schedule treatment.

Bed Bug Control Services

For assistance with bed bug control in Texas, reach out to Innovative Pest Control. Our bed bugs specialists know what is necessary to fully eliminate bed bugs. It is easy to get started. All you have to do is request a free, no-obligation pest control inspection for your home. We’ll send a licensed and experienced pest professional right to you. Your Innovative Pest Control technicians will take a look at your problem and give you a clear direction on what is necessary to arrest your bed bug infestation and get back to having a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to let the bed bugs bite. When you have Innovative Pest Control, you have what you need to stop bed bugs in their tracks.


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