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They say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” When it comes to German cockroaches, it is likely that “they,” whoever “they” are, would be referring to the population size of German cockroaches here in Texas, rather than the size of each individual bug. These are definitely not the largest cockroach that can be found in homes, but in terms of numbers, no other cockroach species can compete with the German cockroach – especially where home invasion is concerned. German cockroaches win, hands down, in every state, and in every country of the world. This cockroach species is the most successful roach in the world. 

We probably don’t have to convince you that having German cockroaches, or any cockroach, in your Texas home is a bad thing. The goal of this article is not to give you reasons to get rid of them. The focus is more on how these problems are connected to a much larger problem.

Cockroaches Taint Food Prep Surfaces And Dishes

Let’s start with the most obvious issue you have to face if you have German cockroaches in your home. These bugs are dirty. They climb around inside your trash, crawl on your toilet rim, and explore your drains moments before they walk around on the dishes in your cabinet, your cutting board, and your silverware. That is not okay, on so many levels. But the most important level is a level you can’t see. Bacteria is invisible to the naked eye. If you have bacteria on your dishes or food prep surfaces, you won’t know it. What is important to understand is that cockroaches aren’t the only bugs that do this. If you have bugs in your home, whether crawling, flying, or hopping, those pests can make you and your family ill.

Cockroaches Contaminate Food 

When German cockroaches establish themselves in a home, food storage areas are in danger of being contaminated. You may not realize this but German cockroaches have mouthparts that can chew through paper and cardboard. When they do, they enter products and spread harmful bacteria around. They are not alone in this. There are many bugs that chew their way into food. Rodents do this also. If you don’t have ongoing pest service for your home it is wise to store your paper and cardboard packaged products in sealed plastic containers. This keeps smells in and those dirty creatures out. 

Cockroaches Spread Allergens 

If you keep everything in your home spotless, and seal your trash so German cockroaches can’t get in, there is still a possibility of illness. Studies have shown a link between cockroaches and Asthma symptoms.  In homes that have cockroaches, asthmatic symptoms are much higher. This is brought on by contaminants being left in air ducts. When air is pushed out, those contaminants become airborne. For those who are sensitive, this can lead to higher medical bills and health complications. There are many pests that can cause allergic reactions. That is why it is essential to protect ventilation systems and wall voids from pest invasion. 

Cockroaches Bite 

When there is a large enough population of cockroaches in a home, and food sources are scarce, these insects can bite. Often bites will be on the face. Cockroaches are drawn to eyelashes and moisture around the mouth of sleeping people. These bites can swell up large enough to cause an eye to be sealed shut. It is important to understand that many bugs are protein eaters. Even if they don’t specifically feed on blood, they can still bite when they get hungry. 

Cockroaches Are Frustrating 

It is common practice in this age of information and technology to run to the internet for answers when there is a problem, but the problems that pests cause are usually mysterious and complicated to solve. If you have an insect bite, it is easy to misidentify it, since lots of bugs bite. If you are sick, it is easy to think you just have a cold, or you’ve caught the flu. Many times, pests are to blame, and trying to get rid of pests with do-it-yourself methods are fruitless at best. Many pests hide in walls, or inside the ground. Rooting them out requires education, training, and experience.

If you’re dealing with German cockroaches in your Texas home, consider a residential pest plan from Innovative Pest Control. We’ll help you take care of what’s bugging you. Life is so much better without bugs. Let us help you start living bug-free, starting today.


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