The Signs Fall Bed Bugs In East Texas Leave Behind

Bed bugs

In some cases, once fall arrives, insects may look for warmth indoors, die off, or slow down, but that is not the case with bed bugs. They invade our homes all year long whether we keep a dirty and unkempt house or an extremely clean and tidy home. Bed bugs don’t care one way or the other. Oftentimes, bed bugs find their way inside homes by hitchhiking from somewhere else on someone’s shoes, clothing, bags, or luggage. Once they have gained entry, they will become a nuisance to people and pets that reside inside the home.

Here are some signs which bed bugs commonly leave behind:

  • On your skin, you may find bite marks that bed bugs leave while they are feeding on your blood at night. The bites will be painless and leave red itchy welts that usually come in lines of three accompanied by a rash. The bites can be commonly found on your upper torso and the sides of your neck.
  • On bedding, mattresses, bed clothes, fabric, furniture, and carpets, you may see tiny black droppings that are sticky. You may also find streaks that they make while they are moving around, and little blood stains from feeding and from their fecal droppings that contain old blood.
  • In and around outlets, wall hangings, cracks, crevices, walls, and furniture, bed bugs may be hiding, laying their eggs, or shedding their skins.

Get into the habit of watching for signs of bed bugs in your home because they are not only a nuisance. They have been recently linked to the same disease that their cousin the kissing bug carries, the Chagas disease, which can cause gastrointestinal problems and heart conditions.

Professional Bed Bug Control

Once a home is infested with bed bugs, they are very difficult to get rid of because of their size, heartiness, and ability to hide. If you are experiencing any number of bed bugs in your home you should contact a professional pest control company that understands the specific habits of bed bugs. In Tyler and East Texas, Innovative Pest Control is ready and willing to go to work for you to eradicate the bed bugs that are plaguing your home.

Our technicians will eliminate every single bed bug, egg, and nymph so that your home can be bed bug free. We can even help you to avoid bed bugs in the future. At the very first sign of bed bugs in your home, call us right away to learn more about your bed bug control options.

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