Rodents Can Still Be A Problem During The Summer Months

Mouse in the lawn during summer

Summer is here so you might be thinking that those annoying rodents that took up residence in your home over the winter will soon vacate the premises. Unfortunately, that misconception can cause you some serious damage to your home this summer. While it’s true that rats and mice are more likely to come indoors to seek shelter in the cooler months, they aren’t likely to leave once they are there. If they have found a cozy place to nest and a good food source they will stay on through the warmer months as well.

Threats From Rodents

Rodents aren’t just unsightly critters that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up at the sight of them. They can do extensive damage to your home and carry diseases that can harm your family.  

In your home

  • they gnaw on wires which not only causes electrical damage but can spark a fire.
  • they nest in your insulation allowing heat to get in and your air conditioning to get out.
  • their gnawing can leave holes in your siding and foundation that can allow other summer pests like snakes, bees, mosquitoesfleasticks and more to get into your home.

To your family

  • they can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces transmitting bacteria that can make your family sick.
  • their saliva, urine, and feces can carry diseases like salmonella and hantavirus and can infect your family.
  • their hair, feces, and urine can trigger allergy and asthma attacks in some people.

Prevention and Removal

Rodents are tricky pests to get rid of because they can climb, borough, hide and squeeze into tiny cracks and holes. They can evade traps making DIY methods of getting rid of them difficult.  

With a pest control plan from Innovative Pest Control, you can be assured that your rodent problem will be taken care of. We will meet with you on our initial visit to go over exclusion techniques, review basic sanitation issues that attract rodents and do bait placement. On our subsequent regularly scheduled visits we will continue to monitor for signs of rodents and ensure that your home is protected between visits.  

A year-round rodent control plan from Innovative will give you peace of mind that your home is protected from disgusting rodents and other pests. Give us a call if you suspect you have a rodent problem in your home or want to be proactive in preventing one from happening.

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