How Tick Control Work


There are more than 850 species of ticks found around the world and about 100 types are known for transmitting diseases to animals and humans through their bite. Ticks seek out warm bodies for food and can detect a mammal through body heat, moisture, odor, and vibration. If a tick finds its way to your skin and goes undetected, it will embed itself into your skin to consume a blood meal. Not removing a tick that is embedded soon enough can lead to a variety of health problems or diseases.

Controlling ticks on your property is no easy task. They reproduce rather quickly and can quickly spread out across your property, lying in wait for pets, wild animals, and humans to walk by so they can climb on.

Dangers From Tick Bites

Tick bites may result in pain or swelling at the bite site, or a burning sensation. You may develop a rash or blisters around the area. For people who are allergic, you may have difficulty breathing, which requires that you seek medical attention right away.

If the tick that bites you is carrying a disease, they can pass it on to you through their saliva. Tick-borne diseases may develop a few days or weeks after you get bit. In addition to red spots or a rash, you may have a stiff neck, headache, weakness, muscle and joint pain, nausea, fever, chills, and swollen lymph nodes. The most well-known tick-borne disease is Lyme disease, transmitted by the blacklegged deer tick in Texas. Another tick commonly found in Texas is the brown dog tick.

East Texas Tick Control Solutions

If your property has a tick infestation, we can treat it to reduce your risks for getting bit by ticks. Our pest control technicians will treat areas of your property that are most conducive to ticks, including wooded areas, brush, and around tree trunks, to help reduce the tick population. Unfortunately, ticks cannot be completely eliminated from any property as wild animals are hosts that can bring ticks back to your property, but reducing the population is key to reducing your health risks. Innovative Pest Control wants you to enjoy the yard without stressing over a tick infestation – learn more about our flea & tick control services today. 

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