Why Crickets Find Your Longview Home So Attractive

Perhaps you have lived this nightmare. You snuggle down under your cozy comforter. You switch off the light. You are sinking into sleep and are right- on- the edge of dreamland- when you hear it. "Chirp!"

Nothing can disturb sleep faster than a cricket that has gotten into a wall void in your home (except perhaps several crickets getting in!) Today, we are talking about what draws crickets to East Texas homes, what crickets are looking for inside homes, and the best way to keep crickets out of homes.

Crickets Entering East Texas Homes Is Common

It is not uncommon for East Texas homeowners to discover that a cricket or two has gotten into their home, especially as the weather turns cooler. Like many pests, if a cricket happens to be near your foundation on a cool day and it feels warmth coming through a crack, it may decide to see where that warmth is coming from and end up inside your home. A male cricket inside a wall void can "sing" or "chirp" for hours at a time. This behavior is designed to attract a mate. And we all know what happens when a male cricket finds a mate. The end result is…more crickets! And if they are multiplying within your wall voids, you may be in for a long, sleepless winter.

What Attracts Crickets To Your Property?

A male cricket might be attracted to the inside of your home because of the heat coming through a crack, and a female cricket might be attracted by a singing male. But what attracts crickets to your property in the first place? The answer is simple: food, water, and light. If you can reduce or remove these three sources of attraction from your property, your chances of having crickets getting into your home will go down.

What Do Crickets Eat?

It is good to know that you need to reduce cricket food sources on your property, but first, you need to know the answer to the question: What do crickets eat? The short answer is, pretty much anything humans eat, and then some. In our yards, crickets might eat leftover barbecue foods, dropped fruits or vegetables in gardens, mushrooms, rotting plant matter, live or dead insects, or leftover foods found in open garbage cans. They will even eat other crickets.

Once inside a home, crickets will eat whatever they can find. They can snack on food left on counters or underneath couches. They can chew through packages in the pantry. Or they can make a meal out of food thrown in the trash. But not only will they eat food, they will eat through other materials that we would not consider to be food. Crickets are known to chew through paper items, clothing, furniture, carpeting and more.

After crickets are done eating everything in sight, they begin leaving droppings wherever they roam, which can cause staining. The bad news is, they can and will eat just about anything in a home. The good news is, crickets are edible insects! Perhaps you could make a meal out of the crickets in your house—if you could figure out where they are.

Kidding aside, nobody wants crickets in their home, chirping, multiplying, eating, and leaving droppings. But you may be asking, "How can I prevent crickets around my East Texas home?" Here are a few cricket prevention tips:

  • Keep outdoor lights off at night, or replace regular bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs. Also, keep your shades drawn at night so less light shines out of your home.
  • Keep your property as dry as possible. Don't give crickets any watering holes. Fill in low-lying areas that collect rainwater. Remove items that collect rain. Fix clogged gutters, leaky spigots, hoses, or sprinklers. And don't leave pet bowls of water outside.
  • Remove cricket food sources. If you have fruit trees or gardens, pick up fallen food. Clean up after outdoor gatherings. Don't leave pet food outside. And keep garbage in trash cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Inside, keep your home free of clutter, and clean up food spills promptly.
  • Remove insect food sources (insects that crickets eat) from inside your home by partnering with a professional pest control company.

Contact Innovative Pest Control And Get Back To Sleep

If you are at your wit's end with crickets, give the pros here at Innovative Pest Control a call, or contact us right here on our website. We will send someone to your home ASAP to assess the situation and take care of your cricket problems for you. And we can make sure no more crickets get in! Reach out to us today for details.

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