Red imported fire ants (RIFA) can sweep through your home or outdoor picnic like a fire blaze. The little pests swarm areas in no time. Without proper control, you will have a hard time getting rid of them, and the stinging bugs will leave their mark on you and your family in their wake.

RIFA aren’t native to the US. They were first brought to the US back in the first part of 20 Century – between 1930s and mid-1940s. They now infest the Southern parts of the US, from California to Florida and as high up as Maryland. TIFA colonies have infested nearly 300 million acres in the southern most states. Texas is one of the hardest hit areas. The warmer the weather, the better RIFA colonies thrive.

red imported fire ant on a flower outside a texas homeWHAT DO RED IMPORTED FIRE ANTS LOOK LIKE?

The name is a good clue. The red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) is a small ant  with a reddish-brown color. The abdomen on the red imported fire ant is usually darker than the rest of the body. RIFA are small ants that are only about 1/8 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch long.


A surefire sign you have fire ants is the mounds outside your home. RIFA colonize in numbers as high as 100,000 to 500,000 fire ants. The queen can lay nearly 5000 eggs per day. These ants live together in elaborate nests without a discernable entrance. The ants build complex tunnels underground.

The circumference of the RIFA mound is slightly larger than the size of a standard dinner plate. The mound will have the appearance of a tilled area. This is because the mound is created from excavated soil from the subterranean tunnels under the ground. The mound looks like a small mountain that can be as small as 4 inches to a heap that stands 2 feet tall.

RIFA nests can be found in any yard or property in Texas. If the land or area has few natural enemies, the more nests that can arise and the bigger they become. Ants will continue to nest and grow and there is very little you can do to prevent or control it on your own.


If it can be consumed, RIFA will eat it. Red imported fire ants compete with anything around them for food.  They have the power to eliminate native fire ant species and natural prey for other predators. These ants are powerful enough to consume small mammals such as calves and deer, small birds, and rodents. They will also feed on plant nectar, crops, and pollinators, which can decimate and entire area of native plant species and agriculture.

Red imported fire ants also like what you are serving in your home and at your picnic table. Red imported fire ants that gain access to your home will consume your food. The smallest juice spill can attract fire ants to your home. They will also enter cribs to get to bottle spills and invade your bed to consume crumbs. When you are outside, food and drinks that are not covered can become overwhelmed with RIFA. Even if you do have food in containers, the remnants on the outside will attract these aggressive feeders.


Yes. Absolutely RIFA are dangerous. What makes them especially dangerous is that they are pervasive in Texas. There are more than ever before. The ants are highly aggressive, and they use the venom in their sting to get their way. When a red imported fire ant stings a person, it can cause a host of health concerns. First, one sting is rare, as these predators travel in packs. When the red fire ant stings, it releases toxins into the body. These toxins cause intense itching that lasts at least an hour. The sting will leave a blister on the skin. If the blister is broken from scratching or pinching, infection can set in.

It is also possible that people with ant allergies can suffer serious complications. The toxins released into the body from the red fire ant can cause people with an allergy to go into anaphylactic shock.


You cannot tackle these ants on your own. They are too aggressive, they burrow underground, and the numbers are too high for any DIY vinegar solution. You must seek professional help. Innovative Pest Control has a seasonal fire ant control program that eliminates fire ants. We guarantee it will only kill fire ants and get rid of them for good.


Preventing fire ants is difficult. Once they show up, they won’t leave without professional extermination. What you can do is prevent stings to your pets and family members. Here are a few tips to prevent fire ant stings:

  • Do not disturb or stand in a mound
  • Cover all food and drinks when outside
  • Use a spray or bait around areas outside to prevent ants from invading
  • Warn visitors and keep kids away from them
  • Warn your neighbors about the infestation so they can protect their property
  • Contact the professionals

Fire ants are dangerous and overwhelming. Innovative Pest Control has the expertise and experience necessary to protect your friends, family and property from these nasty pests.

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