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Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Fast!

Mosquitoes are one of the most intrusive pests that we deal with. Apart from the annoyance and irritation caused by mosquito bites, these pests are also a danger to people and pets. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are nearly impossible to eliminate without professional help. At Innovative Pest Control, we offer seasonal mosquito treatments during the months of April through September.  With this program, we'll treat your property every month to eliminate adult mosquitoes and mosquito eggs.  Another option for mosquito control is our Outdoor Living Program. Starting as low as $45 per month, this program enables you to get out and enjoy your pool, patio, and yard and protects you from mosquitoes and fire ants all in one cost-effective package!

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Why Do I Have A Mosquito Problem?

Mosquitoes breed on or near standing water. This ultimately means that any source of standing water may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Because the female mosquito only requires a thin film of water in which to lay her eggs. Tin cans, bird feeders, watering cans, outdoor play equipment, and clogged gutters may harbor these unpleasant pests. Mosquitoes are also known to travel as much as 20 miles in search of a blood meal, so it is safe to presume that they may also become problematic where no water source can be located.

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Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

Mosquitoes are widely known as transmitters of disease and illnesses to humans, domestic animals, and wildlife. These insects are persistent, annoying, and for many, their bites are the cause of itchy, irritated skin and discomfort. Among the viruses known to be carried by mosquitoes are Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever, and in some cases, yellow fever. They are also responsible for spreading potentially fatal heartworm disease in dogs, cats, and other mammals.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

Keeping mosquitoes away is a daunting task for any property owner. At Innovative Pest Control, we address these disease-spreading pests with a powerful mosquito reduction program. Whether you're looking for a one-time mosquito treatment before a wedding, corporate picnic or other outdoor event or want season-long protection against these biting pests, Innovative Pest Control offers comprehensive mosquito control in Tyler, TX as well as throughout the surrounding areas.

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