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Ants are no stranger to the great state of Texas. If you are seeing ants on your property, especially fire ants, don't wait to contact Innovative. We offer one-time ant treatments as well as ongoing home pest control plans to help keep pests in check. We offer three home pest control programs that include ant control services. The programs we offer are known as Advantage Plus+, Advantage Total, and Advantage Gold. Our Advantage Gold pest control program includes year-round protection from fire ants. For more information on how Innovative Pest Control can help solve your ant problems, call us today!

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Why Do I Have An Ant Problem?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Ants cause homeowners headaches every year. These pests are notorious for invading homes, mainly because they are looking for food (commonly sweets, starches and liquids) or water sources. They can easily find entrances into homes through very small gaps in your foundation, exterior walls, around doors and windows, and many other openings around your house. Once ants find a food or water supply, they will continue to return to collect it and bring it back to their nests.

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carpenter ant eating melon

Are Ants Dangerous?

Generally speaking, ants are not really considered dangerous, however, they certainly do have their flaws. On top of being extremely annoying, they are capable of contaminating food sources in your home. In Texas, one of the more commonly encountered ants are fire ants. These ants are capable of biting and stinging at the same time.  When disturbed, these aggressive ants will alert the rest of the colony to the threat. This is when these ants appear to move in erratic patterns until they reach the source of disturbance and attack. For effective fire ant treatments or ant control for your property, don't hesitate to call our office. 

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black pavement ants coming out of ant hill

Can't I Just Get Rid Of Ants Myself?

Tackling ants with a DIY approach is not the best idea. This is because you are only addressing the issue with the ants that you actually are seeing in your home and not doing anything with their nesting area. Plus, DIY methods often involve the use of chemicals that is best left to a trained professional to apply. DIY ant control can also cause foraging ants to split from the main nest site (in order to avoid repellents), and can actually make your ant problem worse and no one wants that! For help with effective ant control in your home or on your property, contact Innovative Pest Control.

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make it right guarantee badgeOur Make It Right Guarantee

With IPC, you get more than a guarantee. You get our promise that we’ll take care of your problems once and for all. As soon as you choose the pest control solution that’s right for you, we’ll explain the specific guarantee that goes along with it!