Pest Prevention Tips

Nobody wants their house to become infested with ants, spiders, roaches or any other pests.  The good news is that there are some simple tips to implement in and around your East Texas home that will help discourage pest activity.  Keep reading for interior and exterior pest prevention tips from the Tyler, TX pest control pros at Innovative.

Pest Proof Your Doors

mouse poop in east tx kitchen sink

Did you know mice only need a 1/4 inch gap to enter?  

To keep mice and their droppings away from your family, we recommend installing door sweeps if you can see light under or around doors. 

Take Care Of Anything Edible That Would Attract Insects & Rodents

food in glass jars

If insects and rodents find food, they'll keep coming back. And they'll bring their friends.  To deter them, you should:

  • Keep all edible substances in airtight containers.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator: especially when ripe.
  • Keep bags of cereal, seeds and grains in tightly sealed containers.
  • Keep pet food covered when pet is not feeding.
  • Keep kitchen counters and floors free of crumbs and spills. 

Take Out The Trash

tyler, tx homeowner emptying trash

Pests love trash! Especially overflowing ones filled with discarded food.  Combat insects and rodents by emptying your trashcans daily.  

When taking trash bags outside, be sure to store in containers that are free of holes and that have working covers. 

Don't Forget About Your Pets

east texas family washing dog

We love our pets. Unfortunately so don't fleas, ticks and other pests.  To protect their health and prevent them from bringing bugs inside, we recommend:

  • Bathing your pets regularly
  • Washing their bedding
  • Vacuuming spots where they sleep
  • Speaking with your vet about flea and tick protection for your four-legged family members.

Interior And Exterior Sealing

homeowner sealing gap around window

As mentioned above, mice don't need very much space to wiggle through.  Neither do much smaller insects.  To keep pests out, we encourage homeowners to seal cracks and holes on the outside of their homes, including entry points for utilities and pipes.  We also recommend filling gaps around doors and windows too. 

Get Trimming

shrub trimming

Insects and rodents often use tree limbs and shrubs like we use roads.  They act as a bridge to our homes.  To prevent easy access, you should keep tree branches and shrubbery well trimmed and away from the house.

We also recommend keeping grass cut on a regular basis.  Short, well-manicured lawns are not preferred by mosquitoes, ticks and other pests looking to hide out.

Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

tyler tx man getting wood from his woodpile

Termites and other insects love firewood, especially when it provides an easy way into your home.  Do not store large amounts of firewood inside your home or garage but rather only bring in what you need short-term.  We also encourage homeowners to store firewood at least 20 feet from their dwellings and at least five inches off the ground.

Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites

tire in tyler tx filled with water

Female mosquitoes only need a blood meal and the smallest amount of standing water to breed.  To discourage mosquitoes from breeding on your property, we recommend eliminating standing water.  Items to pay close attention to include:

  • Discarded tires
  • Kiddy pools
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Tarps laying on the ground
  • Flower pots

Sometimes simply turning an item upside down will solve the problem, other situations may require more work. 

Contact Innovative Pest Control

If this pest-proofing advice finds you too late and you're already dealing with pests inside your house and around your property, Innovative Pest Control can help!  Don't make the mistake of trying to tackle pest control on your own. Our trained licensed technicians service Tyler, Mineola and East Texas, and are just a phone call or click away. Give us a call at 903-525-6430 or simply fill out our form.

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