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Innovative Pest Control has been protecting people and property from the many pests that also call East Texas home since 1992. Let our professionals provide the services needed to keep insects and rodents out of your Longview city home or business. We are a family-owned and operated business and we have a deep understanding of the pest pressures East Texas residents face each day.

To learn more about protecting your Longview residential or commercial property from insects and rodents, give Innovative Pest Control today.

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Home Pest Control In Longview, TX

The professionals at Innovative Pest Control want to help you maintain a pest free household. Insects and rodents are a year-round threat in East Texas and have the potential to enter your home at any point during the year. To protect your Longview home and family from invasive pests, we have carefully developed our Advantage Home Pest Control programs. Each of our three year-round pest control options offers superior protection against household pests.

Our most cost-effective option is our Advantage Plus+ plan. It provides quarterly pest control, coverage against more than 16 common pests, rodent monitoring and control, and venomous insect control (scorpions, and brown recluse spiders). It also offers the guarantee that if bugs come back, so do we, at no additional charge! For more information about our Advantage Home Pest Control programs, including which ones offer control against mosquitoes, fire ants, and termites, reach out to Innovative Pest Control today.

Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure In Longview, TX

Mosquitoes are a type of insect that lives and breeds outside, making them difficult pests to control. However, controlling mosquitoes and minimizing your exposure to them is extremely important. Mosquitoes not only bite and leave behind red itchy welts, but they can also spread numerous diseases and parasites to people and pets. To minimize mosquito numbers, is it important to eliminate as much standing water (breeding sites) from your property as possible, in addition to partnering with a professional.

At Innovative Pest Control, we provide seasonal mosquito treatments from April through September. During mosquitoes' most active season we will come to your property once a month to treat mosquito resting and breeding sites, adult mosquitoes, and their eggs, providing a comprehensive barrier of protection against biting mosquitoes. This program can be completed on its own or as part of our Outdoor Living Program which provides relief from both mosquitoes and fire ants! To learn more about our mosquito control options, give Innovative Pest Control a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Longview, TX

It’s hard to believe that tiny insects or small furry rodents could cause such big problems for Longview business owners. The truth is, pests like roaches, flies, stinging insects, spiders, rodents can have a big impact on your business, and not in a good way! Just one customer spotting one pest in your facility can call sanitation habits into question and negatively impact your reputation. To keep your Longview business a pest-free facility and help maintain your business’s reputation, it is best to partner with a local pest professional.

At Innovative Pest Control, our professionals have a deep understanding of the pests that live throughout East Texas and how to keep them out of commercial facilities and away from inventory, employees, and customers. By choosing us for your commercial pest control needs, you receive the following benefits/services:

  • Year-round control against pests.

  • Customized solutions that protect a wide variety of businesses and industries from pests.

  • Highly trained experts that use specialized products and materials that ensure the best results.

To request a free inspection, contact the commercial pest control experts at Innovative Pest Control today!

Learn More About The Damage Termites Cause In Longview, TX

In East Texas, the most common type of termite invading and damaging structures is the subterranean termite. These termites have high moisture needs and nest under the ground, travel through the soil, and enter homes unseen. They can work for months or years unnoticed, feeding away night and day inside structural wood located behind walls, under floors, and above ceilings, creating extensive damage in hard-to-reach/see places.

To protect your home from invasive and damaging termites, it is best to partner with a professional. At Innovative Pest Control, we can quickly provide an inspection and eliminate an active termite infestation and/or prevent a future termite infestation with the help of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ featuring Always Active technology. The eco-friendly Sentricon® with Always Active™ is installed around the perimeter of a home without the need for digging or trenching. It creates a continuous barrier of protection and provides long-term protection against wood-eating termites.

For more information about Innovative Pest Control's termite control, give us a call today.

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Owners Tony and Kelly Santangelo have over 50 years combined industry experience and are actively involved in all aspects of the business.  In addition to their vast knowledge, their team is constantly training and attending industry conferences to stay abreast of the latest pest control techniques and research.


make it right guarantee


Our pest control company has been an accredited member of the BBB since 2008 and since our family-owned East Texas company lives or dies by its reputation, we are proud of our A+ rating. 



make it right guarantee


We want our customers to be happy and pest-free. If they’re not, we are not doing our job.  We believe in the effectiveness of our services so much that we offer a Make It Right! Guarantee.  While guarantees vary by service and by pest, we will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. 


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