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What Do House Spiders Look Like?

The common house spider has an elongated abdomen. They are generally a yellowish-brown color, and sometimes have a whiter abdomen with a few dark spots on it. A few house spiders may have a black triangular-shaped spot in the center of their abdomen. Female house spiders are between 5 and 8 mm in length while males are smaller, about 4 mm long. Like all spiders, they have eight legs and two body segments.

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Where Do House Spiders Hide?

You can find house spiders pretty much anywhere in your home, shed, or garage but they tend to prefer closets, corners along the ceiling, under furniture or the corners of your window frames. House spiders will spin webs in multiple locations in your home until they find a suitable place to catch their meals. Spiders don’t live in colonies and aren’t social, so if you see a single spider, you may only have to worry about that one spider – it’s not a sign you have a million spiders living somewhere in your home!

What Do House Spiders Eat?

While a nuisance, house spiders are actually beneficial to humans because they eat other pests. Spiders will eat flies, roachesmosquitoesearwigs, and moths. They can even eat other spiders, or at times – rodents and reptiles that are caught in their web. Sometimes, you can even consider house spiders as an effective method of home pest control for the insects that get into your home! The house spider spins a web and when an insect touches one of the strands of spun silk, it notifies the house spider that something has been caught in its web for the spider to feed on.

Are House Spiders Dangerous?

House spiders don’t bite very often, unless they are defending themselves or feel threatened. House spiders are not dangerous and rarely have symptoms, but if you are bitten by a spider and notice swelling, lesions, or headaches among other severe symptoms – seek medical treatment as you may have been bitten by a spider other than a house spider, like a brown recluse spider or black widow spider, which can be dangerous.

Does Innovative Pest Control Offer House Spider Control?

Spider pest control is a service provided by Innovative Pest Control. We know that people genuinely dislike spiders, even if they are helping to control the other insects in your home. We provide exclusion services to keep spiders and other pests out of your home in the first place, along with elimination services to remove existing infestations of spiders and pests. To schedule an inspection and treatment plan for house spiders today, give our experts a call!

House Spider Prevention Tips

Controlling house spiders in your home begins with preventing them from getting in. Here are some helpful house spider prevention tips:

  • If you see a spider web in or around your home, remove it immediately.

  • Vacuum daily to remove spiders, spider webs, and spider eggs.

  • Locate possible entry points in your home and take steps to seal them; for example, add tight-fitting door sweeps around all exterior doors.

  • Ensure your window screens fit tightly and do not have holes in them.

  • Seal cracks around pipes and electrical wires that enter your home.

  • Seal any cracks, crevices, or gaps in foundations with caulking.

  • Invest in a professional pest control plan for your Tyler, Flint, Mineola, Jacksonville, Lindale, or East Texas home.

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