Having crickets in your home is not as pleasant as Jiminy Cricket will lead you to believe. These insects are annoying with their endless chirping and are difficult to control. Let’s not forget that they are nearly impossible to find, especially when you are looking for them in the middle of the night. The complete guide to house crickets helps you identify and control the pesky home invaders.

house cricket on a leaf outside a texas homeWHAT DO HOUSE CRICKETS LOOK LIKE?

House crickets are smaller than grasshoppers. The legs are much shorter and the bodies are not as long. A house cricket is only ¾ of an inch. The common house cricket has a light brown body and three darker brown stripes on its head. House crickets have wings and long back legs. You will also notice their distinct long antennae.


Yes, and they multiply faster than you’d expect. House crickets love stable, warm environments. That is why your home or business is the best place to settle down. When indoors, house crickets stay in spots that are warm and protected. They prefer to hide out in areas like around fireplaces, heaters, hot water heaters, and under sinks.

That chirping you hear in your home at night is a cricket looking for a partner. That is a bad sign. When crickets mate, they lay nearly 100 eggs in your home. After just a few short months, the young crickets mature into adults. The process begins all over again.


House crickets will feast in the food you have in your pantry and cupboard. They are not picky. House crickets will invade your pet’s food, food boxes, garbage cans, fruit bowls, and vegetables. These insects will also set their sights on fabrics and other materials in your home. House crickets like wools, cottons, silk, and leather clothing and materials. And the more stains there are, the better. You can tell a house cricket has been feeding on your clothing and furnishings because the spots will be unraveled where the cricket has been picking at loose fabric.


House crickets are not dangerous, but their appearance is unsettling. They also leave droppings around your home and stain clothing and furniture. However, perhaps the real danger is the sleep you will lose when these nocturnal pests invade your home.


Innovative offers indoor pest control solutions that help homeowners identify pest threats and control populations. The experts also provide solutions for preventing house cricket and other insect invasions in the future. To learn more about the best cricket control solution for your home or business, call now!


You are the first line of defense against a house cricket invasion. Here are a few tips to keep these chirping insects out of your home:

  • Ventilate your home to remove moisture.
  • Close food and store pet kibble in an airtight container.
  • Vacuum and mop often your floors often.
  • Seal cracks, crevices and holes around the home.
  • Remove garbage from your home.
  • Keep your lawn and the vegetation in your yard trimmed.
  • Call the team of Tyler and East Texas pest control experts at IPC and invest in a year-round pest control program.

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