gopher peeking out of den in tyler lawnWhat do gophers look like?

Gophers are light brown to deep chocolate in color and can weigh up to a pound and run up to thirteen inches in length.  They have short, stout legs, large incisors and teeth, and fur-lined external cheek pouches that they carry food in. 

What do gophers eat?

Gopher are strict herbivores and will eat just about any plant. They locate plants and roots in three ways:

1. Gophers clip the roots off below the surface where the damage is not quickly noticeable, or they might clip the base of a plant just above the surface as they excavate tunnels.

2. Gophers pull plants growing above ground into its tunnel from below.

3.Gophers will surface above ground and venture a short distance from their hole to snatch plants nearby. 

Are gophers dangerous?

Gophers are not dangerous to people but it is never safe to pick up a wild animal.  They will damage lawns, trees and plants with their excavating and eating habits.

What does gopher damage look like?

Wilted plants, trees that look like they’re dying of thirst and damage to other vegetation is a good indication of a gopher problem.  Disrupted earth because of gopher holes is another issue associated with this lawn pest. 

How can I tell if I have a gopher problem or an infestation of moles?

Gopher activity is often mistaken for moles.  The surface evidence between the two pests is actually quite different though.  Gophers do not dig surface tunnels like moles do.  Gopher mounds are shaped like horseshoes or the top of a crescent whereas moles are shaped like volcano's.  When not excavating, gophers plug their “feedholes”, moles do not. 

Does Innovative Pest Control offer gopher control?

Yes, we do! Innovative’s gopher control services include removal of these destructive pests from lawns around homes as well as wide open spaces.  When you contact us for help, an Innovative Pest Control technician will inspect your property and recommend the best method for your situation.  


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