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Learn More About Deer Mice

Deer mice are cute, when they are outside and far away from your home. If they get too close to your space, it’s time to start rethinking your affinity for the little rodents. Take the steps to get rid of deer mice before they take over your home.

deer mouse climbing on firewood

What Do Deer Mice Look Like?

Deer mice are small rodents at only 7 to 10 mm long. They can have grey, light brown, or reddish fur with a white underside. These mice have large ears, pointed noses, and have much smaller tails than many of its cousins, measuring at only 5 to 12 cm long.

Where Do Deer Mice Live And Nest?

Deer mice like to live in your warm house, basement, or attic. These rodents typically nest in openings in the walls. Deer mice gnaw at household items and paper to make their nests. Once they begin nesting, they can start reproducing inside your home. Once this occurs, getting rid of them is difficult, especially because you cannot see them.

What Do Deer Mice Eat?

Deer mice are plant-eaters, but will also eat items in your home. Your pantry, bird food bucket, and under your fridge provide them with an abundance of food. Deer mice will eat nuts, fruit and dried fruit, berries, and even small insects if food is scarce. It's also not uncommon to see them eat their own feces.

Are Deer Mice Dangerous?

Do deer mice bite? Not usually, but they are dangerous to your health. Deer mice are associated with several diseases and illnesses. Hantavirus spreads to humans via a mouse’s urine and feces when inhaled. Hantavirus is a pulmonary illness that causes fever and chills, vomiting, gestational pain, fatigue, muscle ache, and muscle aches. It is absolutely necessary that you do not disturb feces from deer mice. The contaminants are released into the air when you vacuum, sweep, or wipe it up, so it's important to contact a professional for assistance with clean-up to avoid these health risks.

Does Innovative Pest Control Offer Mouse Control?

Yes, Innovative Pest Control knows deer mice in and out. Our professionals know how to identify infestations, spot the signs of nesting, get rid of mice, and prevent them from entering the home in the first place. They are also equipped with the professional tools and know-how necessary to clean urine and feces without transmitting disease. Controlling rodents, including mice, is a year-round process that requires persistent attention from a professional.

Deer Mouse Prevention Tips

  • Seal areas around your home, covering crevices, gaps, and cracks in the foundation and structure.

  • Keep your yard and lawn trimmed back.

  • Do not leave yard debris next to your home.

  • Remove cluttered areas away from your home.

  • Seal all food items in air-tight containers and avoid leaving them on the floor.

  • Store bird and pet food in sealed containers.

  • Box items in your shed, garage and shed, and seal all openings in the boxes.

  • Do not leave nesting materials such as papers, yarn, and other debris in your home.

  • Call the pest control professionals at Innovative Pest Control at the first sign of deer mice in your home for rodent control in East Texas.

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