Commercial Pest Control: It's The Law

When it comes to school safety, pest management is a vital, yet often overlooked, piece of the puzzle. It is hard to fully quantify the dangers pests present to students. When wasps sting, they don't usually leave more than a painful welt on the skin but some children are highly allergic to wasp stings, and the result of a sting can become a serious matter. When fire ants leave bites on the skin, most children simply go somewhere else so those ants can't bite them. But fire ant venom can be dangerous for some children. This is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Bed bugs are becoming a nightmare for parents as these blood-eating pests move from home to home by way of the public school system. Dirty pests like cockroaches, rodents, and flies spread illness when they get into cafeteria kitchens and food storage areas. Tick-related diseases are becoming more of a prominent blip on the radar of state health officials. And the list goes on and on. That is why lawmakers have signed into law regulations to protect students from pest-related threats.

Every school district in Texas should understand its responsibilities in regards to pest control. In sections 7.201-7.205 of the Texas Administrative Code, there is clear instruction on the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of a pest control program that utilizes Integrated Pest Management, and the advantages a program like this provides students and parents.

IPM Isn't Just The Law; It Makes Sense

Integrated Pest Management, also referred to as Integrated Pest Control, is a methodology of pest management that uses ecosystem-based strategies to create conditions for long-term pest prevention. It consists of biological control, modification of cultural practices, habitat manipulation, and the use of less vulnerable vegetation. It is a smart, environmentally sensitive, and holistic approach to pest control.

Does IPM Use Pesticides?

Yes. It is sometimes necessary to use pesticides to prevent pest issues but pest control technicians who adhere to IPM principles only use pesticides as a last resort, and only pesticides that are considered least-toxic. When these products are applied, they are done according to all safety guidelines and parameters established by industry experts.

According to the Texas Administrative Code, all school district superintendents must appoint an IPM Coordinator to oversee a pest control program that utilizes IPM principles. If necessary, more than one IPM coordinator may be appointed, but in these cases, there must be one IPM Coordinator to oversee all subordinate IPM Coordinators.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An IPM Coordinator?

  • The implementations of an IPM program within a school or throughout a school district which complies with all IPM program rules.

  • All IPM Coordinators must complete a training course within six months of appointment if such education has not yet been acquired.

  • Coordinators are responsible for continued education and must complete at least six hours of educations units (CEUs) every three years.

  • Coordinators are required to retain copies of written approvals for each use of "yellow" or "red" category products for at least two years.

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There are many rules and regulations that must be followed in order to comply with the regulations set forth in the Texas Administrative Code. The best solution to adhere to all laws set forth is to hire an IPM Coordinator from a commercial pest control company, like Innovative Pest Control.

When you choose Innovative, you get a customized pest control program, support from highly trained and experienced industry professionals, safety-conscious pest solutions, and our pest control guarantee. You can leave all the legal concerns to us as well. Our team has all of the certifications and training needed, with years of experience providing industry-leading pest control solutions for businesses and municipalities throughout our Texas service area. You'll always get the most advanced IPM service with Innovative Pest Control. Every time.

Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how Innovative Pest Control meets the requirements of the Texas Administrative Code. We'll help you get a plan in place that meets the health and safety needs of your students, and the legal requirements of the state.

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