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Don’t Overlook Tick Dangers

February 28, 2018

Here in Texas, we have a lot of critters. Some big, some small, some dangerous and some just simply a nuisance. Many people are out-of-sight, out-of-mind type individuals, but some of those pests that simply slide right under our nose are in fact the most dangerous. Ticks are a pest that won’t broadcast their presence, but they certainly present a real danger. They can do some major damag... Read More

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How Tick Control Works

October 31, 2017

There are more than 850 species of ticks found around the world and about 100 types are known for transmitting diseases to animals and humans through their bite. Ticks seek out warm bodies for food and can detect a mammal through body heat, moisture, odor, and vibration. If a tick finds its way to your skin and goes undetected, it will embed itself into your skin to consume a blood meal. Not re... Read More

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