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termite up close in tyler, texas

What Are The Chances Of Termites Invading My Tyler Home?

January 10, 2020

There are two environmental factors that strongly impact termite activity and reproduction: moisture and warmth. In our Tyler Texas service area, we have both in abundance. So it isn't surprising that subterranean termites thrive here. If you're not familiar with what a subterranean termite is, it is the most destructive wood-eating pest in the United States and is responsible for billions of d... Read More

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termites in dirt

Cracking Down On Tyler Termites

November 7, 2019

They're tiny, pale, six-legged insects that live in the ground and inside tunnels they create in the wood of a home, but you're not likely to ever see them unless you're doing some renovations. They're called subterranean termite workers and they can come to feed on your home by the tens or hundreds of thousands! But you don't have to let them. Let's take a look at a few warning signs you can l... Read More

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termites on dirt

What Happens To Texas Termites In Winter?

January 22, 2019

Termites are seasonal pests, meaning they will only invade homes in the warmer months. For anyone living in a state with a more drastic change of weather, this seasonality provides a respite from termite activity in the winter and, sometimes, even during fall months. That is, if termites have not already found warmer conditions within the walls of the home.... Read More

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