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wolf spider on grass

What Texas Wolf Spiders Eats & Other Spider-Related Facts

January 17, 2020

The wolf spider is in the group of spiders known scientifically as Lycosidae. Lycos is Latin for wolf. It is estimated that there are 200 species of wolf spiders in the United States. These spiders have a surprisingly diverse diet. What do wolf spiders eat? They feed on a wide range of insects, invertebrates and also small vertebrates such as reptiles and amphibians. They're not afraid to go af... Read More

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a black widow spider protecting its egg sack on a web hanging in a texas home

How To Stop Summer Spiders From Making Their Way Into Your Home

July 29, 2019

Your home has a lot to offer spiders who are looking to get out of the hot sun and find a moist, cool place with a reliable food source. However, it isn’t our food they are after. Spiders tend to follow other pests inside a home. Then they spin webs to catch their prey. Which means, if you are seeing spiders in your home, you undoubtedly have other pests that the spiders are feeding ... Read More

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