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mouse on floor in tyler texas

A Guide To Ridding Your Tyler Home Of Rodents

November 14, 2019

Do you suspect a rodent may have gotten into your home? It wouldn't be surprising. Rodent are common Tyler pests. This is because they are equipped with strong, sharp teeth which they use to chew small holes into bigger holes or to make holes where there were no holes before. Once inside, they can cause all kinds of trouble. They chew on building materials, they damage stored goods, they contam... Read More

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mouse on cup in jacksonville home

How Rodents Could Try To Get Inside Your Home In Winter

December 14, 2018

Rodents are resourceful and adept at finding ways to get inside homes if they want to. Your Texas home could be offering the perfect place for shelter and food as the temperatures drop this winter. But there are prevention steps you can take to make it as difficult as possible for rodents to get in.... Read More

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