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Why Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Are So Dangerous

August 9, 2018

Asian tiger mosquitoes may sound like they are some exotic creature but they have actually become quite common here in Texas and in other parts of the United States. As their name suggests, these mosquitoes originated from Asia but they have begun to populate the U.S. due to our trade system.... Read More

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The Perfect Outside Event Starts with Mosquito Control

April 19, 2018

Planning a large event can be very stressful. There are lots of details to think about, and even more so if the event you are planning is going to be held outside. How are you going to keep the drinks cold and the food hot, how many tents do you need to rent, should you hire a band or DJ, how many guests can your outdoor space handle, are hot dogs and hamburgers OK or do you need to hire a cate... Read More

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Are Mosquitoes Really Dangerous?

May 19, 2017

How often do most of us find ourselves at our favorite outdoor spots with friends and family absentmindedly swatting away those annoying, biting mosquitoes that plague every part of a beautiful summer evening? Even after all of the press that mosquitoes get, we still do not think anything of them until we have to deal with itchy welts days later and are somehow unprepared each and every time we... Read More

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