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carpenter ant eating wood

Why Carpenter Ant Season Lasts Year-Round in Texas

January 8, 2019

In many states, you could probably argue that carpenter ants might become less of a problem as the seasons get colder during the year. Usually, carpenter ants are introduced into homes that are already close to an existing colony. Old stacks of firewood, dead logs, moist tree trunks, and wooden fencing are all prime examples of areas that are likely to have a carpenter ant infestation.... Read More

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tick biting skin

Why It’s Never Too Late for Professional Tick Control in East Texas

December 26, 2018

Some bugs are scarier than others. We run from hornets because we know it will hurt if we get stung. We take measures to ensure black widows don’t live around our home because we know a venomous bite could send us to the hospital. And we spray bug repellant on our skin because we have heard about all the diseases mosquitoes can transmit. But what about ticks?... Read More

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