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carpenter ant crawling on home floor

Tyler Homeowners' Carpenter Ant Quick Reference Guide

February 21, 2020

Occasionally mistaken for termites, carpenter ants are troublesome pests that can cause just as much damage. Texas' year-round warm climate means you'll be dealing with them every year. Their nests could cost you thousands in repairs! Your best weapon in the fight against carpenter ants is knowledge. Protect your Tyler home from carpenter ants by using this quick reference guide.... Read More

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silverfish feeding on a paperback book

Why Silverfish Are So Hard To Keep Out Of Tyler Homes 

February 14, 2020

If you see a silverfish in your home, you might not recognize it at first. You might even get scared. Creepy-looking pest in your home? That’s a reason to panic, right? Not exactly. While silverfish certainly look unnerving, they are mostly harmless. However, their presence should still be cause for concern. Use this guide to understand what silverfish are, why getting rid of them is hard... Read More

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a professionaly pest control technician from innovative pest control is servicing a texas bedroom as he is checking for bed bugs by lifting the mattress

Common Causes Of Bed Bug Problems During The Summer

July 31, 2019

Bed bugs. Just the thought of these tiny blood-feeding creatures is enough to give us the creeps. They hide in our mattress. They wait until we are asleep. Then they come out and drink our blood (causing bites that can itch for days), and go back into hiding. And then they do it all again the next night! If you would like to learn about bed bugs, how they spread, and how to avoid accidenta... Read More

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