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an adult flea festering through the hair of a tyler texas pet during early fall seaosn

Why Do-It-Yourself Methods Don't Work With Fleas In Tyler, TX

September 24, 2019

Are you a problem solver? When things go wrong in your home, is your first response to hit the internet in search of a solution? Doing this, you have probably learned how to fix a variety of things around your home. However, now that fleas have invaded, are you up for the task? Read on to find out if flea infestations have a simple solution.... Read More

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technician ready to protect homes from pests

Why You Should Never Ignore Pest Problems

January 25, 2018

It’s been a long week of work and you are finally home relaxing in your recliner, exactly where you want to be, when an ant crawls across the arm of the chair, or on the floor in front of you. No big deal, you take care of it, chalk it up to life, and hardly give it a second thought. But some people are horrified a few months later when a wall starts to look noticeably warped because that... Read More

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black widow spider

Black Widow Spider Myths

January 16, 2018

When we think about spiders, especially black widow spiders, it's unlikely that we picture them snuggling up, sitting, or rolling over for us on command. Well, that’s because they are spiders, and they can be scary, and they don't cooperate very well with humans when living in close proximity. But, are spiders really that scary? Are we justified in our automatic response to spiders, or ar... Read More

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