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carpenter ant crawling on home floor

Tyler Homeowners' Carpenter Ant Quick Reference Guide

February 21, 2020

Occasionally mistaken for termites, carpenter ants are troublesome pests that can cause just as much damage. Texas' year-round warm climate means you'll be dealing with them every year. Their nests could cost you thousands in repairs! Your best weapon in the fight against carpenter ants is knowledge. Protect your Tyler home from carpenter ants by using this quick reference guide.... Read More

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carpenter ant crawling in home

Common Ways Carpenter Ants Damage Homes

August 31, 2017

While carpenter ants have nothing on termites, they can still do quite a bit of damage if they are allowed to multiply and thrive in your Texas home. In cooler climates, these wood-destroying pests may slow down during the winter months, but not so much here in Texas where the weather stays temperate enough for carpenter ants to continue their work all year long.... Read More

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