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a rat running across the tiles floor inside of a tyler texas home

When Do Mice And Rats Invade Your Tyler Home?

September 18, 2019

Where many northerners would claim that Texas stays warm year-round, residents feel the drastic difference between 110-degree weather and 60. We may not get snow or ice storms, but when it’s cold we feel it! The same is true for rodents. When the weather cools down, rodents look for warmer places to spend their time. Often times, they find our homes as safe havens to overwinter the cold m... Read More

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a brown banded cockroach crawling along the white tiled kitchen in a tyler texas home

The Tyler Heat Doesn't Bug The Brown Banded Cockroach

September 11, 2019

Did you know that cockroaches do not enjoy bugging you? Roaches are as terrified of you as you are of them. For this reason, they spend the majority of their time hiding, at least during the day. This, however, does not make roaches any more enjoyable to live with. Even if you aren’t seeing them, they can still cause massive problems for you and your family.... Read More

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a yellow jacket landing on the paved driveway on an easters texas property

Even Yellow Jackets Love Tyler, Texas

September 9, 2019

The term yellow jacket can be deceiving. For instance, did you know that some yellow jackets are not yellow at all? Some are black and white, others are red and white. But all of them are equally troublesome here in Tyler. Are you dealing with these insects on your property? Perhaps you are looking for a way to not have to deal with yellow jackets this summer. Either way, we have an answer for ... Read More

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a scorpion crawling along a rock wall in a dark and moist chandler basement

How Long Does Scorpion Season Last In Chandler, Texas?

August 29, 2019

There is no denying that scorpions are an annoying, painful, and all-around unwanted part of home life. That isn’t to say that all scorpions should go away, just the ones that invade our homes and threaten us with their venom-filled stingers. If you agree, stick around. Today we will be talking about scorpion season and discussing everything you will need to know regarding these home-inva... Read More

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