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a large wasp nest covered by a colony of wasps attached to a wooden beam on a texas porch ceiling

What Am I Doing To Attract Wasps And Bees Around My Home?

August 15, 2019

When you think about bees and wasps and the hives they build, do you ever consider where they came from? No, we are not talking how wasps and bees as a species came to be, but rather what drives stinging insects, in general, to settle down and build their nests where they do. What is it about the tree, hole, or roof underhang on your property that makes it the perfect location for stingers? Are... Read More

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a professionaly pest control technician from innovative pest control is servicing a texas bedroom as he is checking for bed bugs by lifting the mattress

Common Causes Of Bed Bug Problems During The Summer

July 31, 2019

Bed bugs. Just the thought of these tiny blood-feeding creatures is enough to give us the creeps. They hide in our mattress. They wait until we are asleep. Then they come out and drink our blood (causing bites that can itch for days), and go back into hiding. And then they do it all again the next night! If you would like to learn about bed bugs, how they spread, and how to avoid accidenta... Read More

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