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Why Silverfish Are So Hard To Keep Out Of Tyler Homes 

February 14, 2020

If you see a silverfish in your home, you might not recognize it at first. You might even get scared. Creepy-looking pest in your home? That’s a reason to panic, right? Not exactly. While silverfish certainly look unnerving, they are mostly harmless. However, their presence should still be cause for concern. Use this guide to understand what silverfish are, why getting rid of them is hard... Read More

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a bed bug infestation in a longview texas home

Trying to Handle Longview Bed Bugs on Your Own Is Just A Bad Idea

January 31, 2020

No one likes unexpected guests, especially in the form of pests. Bed bugs can be a huge problem during the winter months because people are traveling and returning from trips. Whether or not you traveled during the holiday season, you probably had visitors or left your home occasionally. Bed bugs can be picked up in many places including movie theaters, restaurants, and cars.... Read More

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a commericail kicten in tyler texas protected by a  year round cockroach control and prevention plan

Why The German Cockroach Loves Tyler's Commercial Kitchens

January 24, 2020

Many people love heading to restaurants in Tyler and across Texas for a bite to eat. Unfortunately, it isn’t just humans that are attracted to Tyler restaurants. Pests may also find themselves coming back for more, especially German cockroaches. If you own a commercial kitchen in Tyler, here’s what you need to know about protecting your kitchen from cockroaches.... Read More

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