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May 26, 2021

What Smells Will Keep Bed Bugs Away From My Longview Home?

Keeping bed bugs out of your Longview home is no easy task. As lovely as it would be, there's no magic bullet for bed bug prevention. Smells alone won't keep bed bugs out, but they may help. Learn the facts about using smells as a bed bug deterrent.

bed bug crawling on bedding

Using Scents To Deter Bed Bugs

If you've heard stories about bed bug infestations, you probably want to take steps to protect your home. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests in Longview to keep away, but unlike cockroaches, bed bugs don't only seek out dirty homes. They're not attracted to crumbs, clutter, and duty counters. Instead, bed bugs seek out warm bodies.

These pests rely on blood for nutrition. For this reason, traditional pest prevention doesn't work. Cleaning your home frequently and eliminating moisture won't make your property less appealing to bed bugs. To protect their homes, many people turn to DIY methods, like using scents as a deterrent.

Do Essential Oils Work?

The fact that some people use essential oils to keep bed bugs away doesn't mean they work. While certain aromas seem to be unappealing to bed bugs, no smell is completely effective at deterring them. According to a USDA study, essential oils are barely effective on bed bugs.

Only a few aromas seemed to be somewhat unappealing to these pests. For instance, blood orange oil and paraffin oil have some effect on bed bugs. Silicone oil and spearmint oil also had an impact. However, using these scents won't guarantee your home will be free of bed bugs.

What Does Work?

If you truly want to keep bed bugs away, you need to take other precautions. Bed bugs tend to live in transportation hubs and hotels. If you travel, these pests could make their way into your suitcase or on your clothing and hitchhike to your home. Before entering your home after traveling, leave your suitcase and clothing in the garage. Any time you stay in a hotel, keep your luggage off the ground and away from the walls.

Bed bugs can crawl into your home from a nearby property. They use gaps under your door and around your windows as entrances. To keep bed bugs out, you can seal up potential bed bug entryways. This means installing door sweeps where necessary and using caulk around your windows. 

Another way to keep bed bugs away is by being cautious with your thrift store purchases. Because bed bugs can live in furniture and clothing, they could be hiding in second-hand items. Check furniture for signs of bed bugs, like shed skins, live bugs, and fecal matter. If you have any reason to suspect bed bugs, don't bring the item into your home.

What Should You Do If You Have Bed Bugs?

Once you have bed bugs in your home, there's no easy way to get rid of them. Using essential oils or other scents won't kick out these pests. Bed bugs are intolerant to extreme temperatures, but this won't completely solve your problem. Often, bed bugs hide under baseboards and in furniture. You may only get rid of some of these pests, leaving your home vulnerable.

The only effective way to remove bed bugs is to work with a pest control professional. They have the tools and resources needed to eliminate bed bugs. More importantly, a professional can also make sure bed bugs leave you alone. If you wait too long to contact the Innovative Pest Control professionals, the problem will worsen. Don't hesitate to get help, and call us as soon as you suspect an issue.

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