What Do Stink Bugs Eat?

August 23, 2017

stink bug climbing on foundation

If you live here in Texas, then there is no doubt that you have come in contact with stink bugs in recent years. You may not have known its name when it crossed your path, but you certainly would recognize their smell, especially if you have ever squished one! But, because of their relatively new arrival here, you may not know that the bug you are looking at is actually a brown marmorated stink bug. After all, they are not native to our continent. They were first discovered in Pennsylvania in 1998 and have rapidly spread out from there. 

Since this insect is causing such a stink (pun intended) you should know what it looks like and how to defend against its invasion. Stink bugs are shield shaped and around 2 cm long and wide. They are brown with dark bands on their wings. Adult stink bugs have wings and are capable of flight. 

Stink bugs do not carry and transmit diseases to people, but they can be extremely harmful to crops and ornamental plants. This is because stink bugs eat plants, weeds, and grass. Adult stink bugs cause significant damage as they eat fruit and vegetables and can quickly decimate an orchard or garden because their bite releases toxic saliva that causes a scar on the fruit making it unsuitable for sale. 

Stink bugs are also quite a nuisance for homeowners, especially in the fall when they congregate in large numbers on the warm, sunny side of homes and other buildings searching for a way inside. Once inside, they will settle down in wall voids, crawl spaces, and other hard-to-reach areas to wait out the colder weather. They will enter the living space of your home on warmer days and will cause quite a stink when you try to kill them or vacuum them up. 

The best way to avoid this infiltration is to make sure your home is secure. Small holes in your foundation or gaps around your windows and doors can allow easy entrance for stink bugs and other pests that are searching for a winter retreat. Fill all holes in your foundation, repair broken or loose fitting screens, install door sweeps under exterior doors, and repair loose or broken siding and shingles. Also, be sure to install chimney caps, apply screen to open vents, and fill around utility entrances.

If after all your efforts, you still find that stink bugs are attracted to your home, be sure to contact the pest control experts here at Innovative Pest Control. Our experts have the tools, technology, and training to quickly eliminate pests like stink bugs from your home or business with reliable, environmentally responsible solutions. And, if you would rather not deal with these pests at all, consider one of our year-round pest control plans. To learn more about our services for stink bugs or our Advantage Home Pest Control programs, contact us today.

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