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July 15, 2021

Tyler Property Owners' Complete Centipede Control Guide

If six legs freak you out, and eight legs are just too many to handle, then you definitely don't want centipedes infesting your Tyler home. They may not be dangerous to have as an infestation, but they're still super creepy, and their venom-filled bites can pack a powerful punch. Not only that, but their presence in your home could herald a plethora of underlying problems, so if you discover an infestation then you might want to find out why.

a centipede inside a home

The Lengthy Facts On Centipedes In Tyler

Of the thousands of species of centipedes worldwide, there are only two that Tyler homeowners should be concerned about infesting their homes and property – giant desert centipedes, and house centipedes. Both will invade your home and property, and both have a fairly potent bite if they feel threatened. Giant desert centipedes can grow up to 8 inches in length, and they have bright redheads with black bodies. They're fairly confrontational too, so they aren't afraid to issue a warning bite if they have to.

House centipedes, on the other hand, only grow to about an inch and a half long. They're dusty brown with black stripes running up the lengths of their bodies, and they have long spindly legs that are actually quite fragile. These centipedes are less likely to bite, but it's still painful when they do. Neither of these centipedes is deadly to humans, but their bites have been compared to a bee sting, and the pain can last for hours.

What Attracts Centipedes To Tyler Properties

There are a few attractive qualities that Tyler properties could provide for centipedes without homeowners even realizing it. These creepy critters love moisture, which is a little more difficult to control outside and far less concerning, but an indoor centipede infestation may mean there's an underlying moisture problem. This could mean rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements just have trouble drying out, but this could also mean there's a leaky pipe and extensive water damage that requires maintenance.

Another attractive quality could be ongoing pest problems. Centipedes are carnivorous and, depending on their size, will feast on a wide range of creatures:

  • Cockroaches

  • Bed bugs

  • Silverfish

  • Spiders

  • Termites

  • Ants

  • Rodents

  • Lizards

  • Toads

  • Frogs

  • Snakes

Preventing A Centipede Infestation In Your Tyler Home

Centipede prevention includes indoor and outdoor precautionary measures, and especially general pest prevention methods as well. Addressing moisture issues, lawn care, and entry points are vital in keeping these critters out of your home and off your property:

  • Repair any gaps, cracks, and holes in the perimeter of your home; areas of concern include foundation, siding, exposed wood, gaps around pipes and wires, roof and trim

  • Replace worn-down insulation around windows and doors

  • Make sure your lawn is draining properly after heavy rains

  • Try not to over-water any garden areas

  • Keep brush and compost piles far away from the perimeter of your home

  • Add tight-fitting lids to all indoor and outdoor trash cans

  • Address any moisture problems inside your home, inspect pipes and check for any water damage, and consider investing in a dehumidifier for moisture-retaining rooms

  • Implement proper food storage habits; airtight containers for dry pantry goods, and never leave food sitting out overnight

How To Get Rid Of A Centipede Infestation On Your Tyler Property

These pests may not be dangerous, but they're never a welcome sign in your Tyler home. Some people may suggest at-home remedies and solutions, but the best solution will always be a licensed pest professional, and there's no better pest control company around Tyler than Innovative Pest Control. Our pest technicians are highly trained to handle even the toughest pests, and we only use the best quality pest control products in all of our treatments. So get in contact with us today to start discussing your options.

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