Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Tyler Home Pest-Free

March 13, 2020

an ant crawling on a spring flower

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year for Tyler, TX residents. However, they aren't the only ones lying in wait for warmer weather. 
The beginning of spring marks the first half of our most active pest season here in the southern United States. With a surge of new life and vitality, pests of all shapes and sizes begin to move out of their diapause states, crawl out of their cocoons, and otherwise return to a vicious fight for survival. There are many unique types of springtime pests that Tyler residents will notice during the next few months, including:

  • Ants: These pests exit their diapause (or false hibernation stage) early in the year, beginning to support the queen as new eggs are produced. 
  • Fleas: These annoying pet plagues exit a dormant state as soon as temperatures are warm enough to support their activity. While strong frosts and cold snaps will kill these pests instantly, our mild Texas climate is generally not strong enough to rebuke their growing warm-season numbers. 
  • Spiders: Arachnids hide underneath bark, around deep leaves, and within other bedding materials while the weather warms up, looking for unassuming prey. 
  • Rodents (Rats and Mice): Active all throughout the winter season, rats and mice will become more alert as temperatures improve. Previous infestations will continue to get worse. 
  • Flies: Fly eggs will begin to hatch when temperatures stabilize for the season, causing swarms of this pest to plague homes. 
  • Termites: Reproductive alates, or termite swarmers, will begin searching for new places to colonize as early as they can be released.

This yearly pest ‘apocalypse’ can create a host of problems for homeowners if their properties are not prepared for the onslaught of activity. Large scale infestations can and will take place unless preventative measures and protective barriers are utilized immediately. What’s worse, most pest infestations attract others and even worse pests to the property, exacerbating the issue further.

With the myriad of pest destruction that comes in the springtime, now is as good a time as ever for strong, early-season preparation.

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips That Fight Against Any Pest Infestation

While there are many different cleaning tasks undertaken by homeowners during the spring-cleaning season, these top 10 tips are instrumental to early-stage prevention of pest infestations big and small.

  • Seal up potential entry points around the home, including cracks and fissures. If you are concerned that the repairs will be too difficult to handle on your own, reach out for help.
  • Check all window and door screens in the home, looking for tears. 
  • Address any moisture issues by running a dehumidifier, fixing leaky pipes and drains, and checking for ongoing concerns related to household repairs.
  • Sweep or check less frequented areas of the home for pest activity, especially crawlspaces, attics, garden sheds, and patios. 
  • Maintain the lawn, pruning shrubs and plants as needed. 
  • Install weatherproofing on doors and windows. 
  • Clear cluttered areas and remove boxes from the floor if possible. 
  • Check and restack firewood on the interior and exterior of the home. 
  • Clean out the insides of trash cans and recycling bins. 
  • Deep clean areas of the home that are more frequently used.

Completing each of the above spring-cleaning tips will be vital in maintaining a pest-free home this season. If you feel as though your personal cleaning will not be enough to prevent pest concerns, consider investing in a seasonal pest control plan that's right for your home.

Get Innovative Solutions With Innovative Pest Control

Want more tips for the upcoming pest season? Contact Innovative Pest Control today by calling our main office in Longview, TX, or reach out to us through online chat now. We’re here to keep your springtime pests in check – guaranteed. 

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